Thursday, January 1, 2009


When it comes to the health of our family, we take a very unconventional route. The road less traveled. Much less traveled. You will only find us at the doctor for acute conditions, only when absolutely necessary.  Even then, we choose a holistic doctor who isn't quick to prescribe drugs and takes into account all methods of healing. We avoid hospitals like the plague, and for good reason considering medical mistakes are the leading hidden cause of death in the USA. 

To be honest, prayer is our first line of defense for healthcare. I would be lying if I said it doesn't work. I'm not here to tell you how or why, but we believe our Creator is capable of healing without any medical intervention. 

We also believe our bodies are created to heal themselves and that in nature, there are thousands of things that can aid in healing. We always opt for natural alternatives to drugs and our home has been drug free since 2008, when our first child was conceived. 

It seems that once you take a drug, you're almost guaranteed a side effect. It starts a snowball of dependency on drugs. We believe food is our medicine and we focus on good nutrition and avoiding environmental toxins for optimal health. Some things are beyond our control and we will not obsess over it, but there are many ways to make our homes safer to be in for our children and ourselves. 

The following is a compilation of all health related articles we have written since 2008!

Disclaimer: All of our health articles are based on opinion and are NOT intended as medical advice. Please consult with your trusted health care provider for all your health related questions. We are in no way qualified to help you make these decisions. 

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