Sunday, January 18, 2009

Aspartame 1981 Approval Not Science Based

It is alarming that aspartame was approved by the FDA before I was even born based solely on political and financial pressure, and in all these years the FDA has not reevaluated this highly carcinogenic food additive even once. That's right, you read correctly, the approval of aspartame was not based on scientific evidence and studies conducted, the FDA completely ignored the advice of scientists and the FDA statistician who strongly opposed its approval.

If you do your own research you will find that 98% of studies that concluded there is no risk were sponsored by the artificial sweetener industry, so 98% of independent studies showed a direct undeniable link to cancer. Only 4% from both industry and independent combined are neither here nor there. In a two-year study conducted by the manufacturer of aspartame, twelve of 320 rats fed a normal diet and aspartame developed brain tumors while none of the control rats developed tumors, and five of the twelve tumors were in rats given a low dose of aspartame. This was one of the ignored studies. Other studies have shown that aspartic acid, one of the main ingredients in aspartame, causes damage to the brains of infant mice.

This is proof that the FDA does not care about the welfare of the people, nobody can convince me otherwise. The stamp 'FDA approved' is just a reason to be cautious of whatever it is you are buying and often a good sign that the product is not safe. Aspartame was pushed through and approved by the FDA for the profit and benefit of the select few, they now have innocent blood on their hands.


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  1. Thanks for pointing this out. I still remember my Dad's words when this sweetener was all the rage, "People have been eating sugar for centuries and doing just fine. Why should I use a substitute?" I think the key in nearly all things is MODERATION. Artificial sweeteners are often an excuse to have our cake and eat it too, to an excess.


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