Thursday, January 1, 2009


Our kids mostly grew up on hand-me-downs, and I am ever so thankful. Now that they are older and outgrowing most of what they have, we are accepting more review opportunities for children's clothing. Given that I am pretty obsessed with stylish baby and children's clothes, I am amazed I don't spend our hard earned money on it, it takes a lot of self control! So when I do make a purchase, it is a very thought out decision and usually for something the kids really need. Here you'll find some of our favorite brands and clothing creators that I wouldn't hesitate to spend our money supporting. 

{Starts with the most recent article}

Stonz Winter Baby Booties Review

Masala Baby Review

Addicted to Tea!

Litiquette Soft Sole Baby Shoes Review

Limited Edition Tea Dress!

The New Fall Tea Collection

Zooligans Kids Shoes Review

Fellini Baby Organic Outfit Review 

Zutano Review 

Umi Shoes Review 

Tea Collection Review 

Wee Drool Waterproof Organic Bib Review

Little Red Fish UV Swimwear 

Kushies Baby Sunglasses Review

Baby Essentials Review

Natureshop for the Entire Family Review

Peekaboo Beans Review

Son of Gustav Kids Slippers Review


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