Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Stonz Winter Baby Booties Review

Brrr! It's chilly here in New England. We've been in major hibernation mode! Some weeks we don't get out of the house for several days straight. But my kids love being outdoors, when it is above 40 degrees, we are outside every day - especially in the spring and summer. It is a battle to get Baby T into his snowsuit! He hates putting on bulky boots even more. So when Stonz booties arrived for review, we were thrilled to try them!

These all-weather winter baby boots are waterproof and great for snow. Moreover, they are easy to put on - any parent appreciates that! I love that you can just tuck the pants inside. Tucking in a snowsuit was a little more challenging, but it worked! The booties are lined with fleece and as is are great for spring and fall. With the separate white fleece liner they turn into a warmer winter boot. Baby T's feet are toasty warm now, something I've had trouble with back in December when he enjoyed sleeping outside in the stroller but I didn't have anything to keep him warm enough as much as I tried. 

He sometimes asks me to put them on him at home!

The sizing is versatile and will last you more than just one or two seasons. We got the size 2-3 years for Baby T. They are a little large for him, but I know at least they will still fit in the spring, next fall, and next winter! 

I think it is so important to let babies and kids wear soft-soled boots and shoes. They can be really hard to find. These are perfect because their feet are protected by the rubberized bottom, but they can still feel the ground they are walking on and it doesn't hinder the development of the foot. The only thing that would make these even better for me personally, is if they made optional linerz out of felted wool instead of the fleece. I would get those in a flash! Wool is warm, naturally dirt resistant and water repellent, and it is a natural, sustainable material. I do hope they offer something like that in the future!

Stonz booties retail for $39.99 a pair and the linerz are $16.99 (good for really cold climates up north). It's a reasonable price for shoes that last more than just a season or two. They are great for passing down to other siblings and definitely a must have for snowy climates! Stonz also makes really cute and practical Hatz and Mittz pictured above, and even baby rain boots. I highly recommend their baby products for keeping your little one warm!

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Disclaimer: I did not receive payment for this review. I was provided a sample of the product for review purposes. The opinions are genuine and solely my own.


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