Thursday, January 1, 2009


Recently many readers have expressed interest in seeing more recipes on Eco-Babyz! To our delight we also have more interest in trying new recipes and sharing the ones we love with you. My criteria is very basic - I will only try simple recipes! I don't like anything complicated or with too many steps/ingredients. What mom has time for that!? Most of our recent recipes adhere to our Cure Tooth Decay diet and are free of or low on grains and sugar. As with any diet, the only way to follow through on it is if the meals are


As our recipe section expands, these will be categorized, but for now here is our modest little list. Cook and bake away! We would love to see your recipe requests in the comments (be specific, like 'entree under 5 ingredients using chicken and quinoa')! The most recent recipes are at the top.

Farmer's Cheese Dessert {творог}

Wheat Free Pancakes {gluten free option}


  1. YUM! I will try this soon for my family

  2. These look good! I'm especially excited about trying the fried plantain breakfast!

  3. I cannot wait to try some of these recipes.


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