Monday, February 13, 2012

Simple Healthy Toddler Snack

That right there is my toddler's latest snack obsession. [cue sigh of relief] I'm glad it isn't more crackers or cereal. I'm also glad her snack doesn't involve any work on my part! Sugar snap peas, dried cranberries, and sprouted Ezekiel raisin bread. I make my own bread (not sprouted), but she really likes this one in particular. Lately we've been switching the bread for carrots and she loves those too. 

Did my toddler all of the sudden wake up liking veggies? No. It took a lot on my part, I craved veggies when I was pregnant. To this day blueberries and avocados are her favorite, that's what I overdosed on through pregnancy. Her first food was avocados. 

By all means, I'm always looking for easy and healthy toddler/mama snacks! So bring it on! What do your kids like to eat?


  1. I can not say, what i craved during pregnancy my kids end it up liking the most. But my strategy especially for picky 7 year old was to put something new on a plate along with stuff he likes and try it. It's not easy but its coming along.
    One other thing i noticed when you give kids two choices, or you had a cracker now its a fruit/veggie time and explaining what is protein,vitamins and carbs and what all those things do to your body help them understand and learn at the same time.

  2. Oh avocodos! I hope my baby takes to them. I can't get enough!

  3. Awesome snack idea! I am constantly adding new things to the kiddos snacks to get them to try new things.

  4. Oh my kidos would love the bread and rasins! And my kidos r hard to please lol

  5. I like the snack idea...I really like Ezekiel bread and never thought about using it as a toddler snack!

  6. This would be a great snack for my daughter. Thanks.

  7. Our grandson loves veggies.....he is not a picky eater at all


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