Saturday, July 31, 2010

The Many Ways Baby E Loves Her Avocados

Since the first day our daughter started solids, she loved avocados. Maybe because I loved them when she lived in my tummy? Maybe because she knows they're good for her? Maybe because she sees me eating them all the time! We eat a lot of avocados because they're a great source of plant based fat. Our skinny family could seriously use some.

Here are the many ways our family enjoys avocados:
  • Right out of the shell, raw and perfect! In our opinion, avocados really don't need any help. It's a portable snack that needs no refrigeration. We cut ours in half and leave it intact, toss a spoon in a container, throw it in the diaper bag, and voila! Healthy snack on the go!
  • Spread on our homemade bread with some pesto, cooked eggs, and olives or pickles. Oh, so good! The combinations are endless... Quick and easy lunch.
  • We do a nice twist on a junk food favorite, we make our own pizza! Ok, so I buy ready made dough at Trader Joe's (I've been promising to make my own for a while now). We top the pizza dough with fresh tomato sauce, mushrooms, tomatoes, onions, olives, cut up bits of bacon (it's the unprocessed natural good stuff), and cheese (preferably raw milk). Then once it is hot and ready, top it off generously with raw avocado slices. Do you have any idea how good this is?! Some serious stuff for bacon lovers! Though we go lightly on the bacon because the one we buy isn't cheap stuff.
  • No salad is complete without avocados in this house. We use all or some of the following with avocados: tomatoes, cucumbers, beets, garbanzo beans, green onions, cooked carrots, olives, spinach, arugula, and mushrooms. My favorite though is such a simple one that my mother makes with just arugula/spinach with avocado, olive oil, and sea salt. Yum!
I hope that gets your imagination rolling! Please share your favorite ways to devour avocados! I can't wait to read them!


  1. My family loves avocados right out of the shell with a little lemon juice, salt and pepper. We also love avocado slices on our burgers (veggie or meat) with cheese, tomatoes, onion, pickles and lettuce - yum! We also love homemade guacamole. But your pizza idea sounds delish, we'll have to try that!

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  3. Hello Anonymous!
    Even if I knew who you are and which site you're coming from and assuming I'm remotely interested, how would I contact you? Please USE THE CONTACT FORM on my blog. Thanks!

  4. I love the idea of putting it on pizza. That is something we have never done and my kiddos eat avocado by the bowl full.They absolutely love them

  5. Avocado on pizza?! Brilliant! Will have to try that. I love avocado in omelettes :)

  6. I love to pair sliced Avocado and Grapefruit sections together for a light salad entree. I prefer mine plain, but my husband likes to drizzle French or Russian Salad Dressing over his. Artfully arranged on a bed of baby Bibb Lettuce, it's elegant enough to serve at a dinner party!

  7. Thanks for this. I love eating avocados plain and making my own guacamole!

  8. I love avocados! I would never have thought to put one on a pizza. Thanks for the suggestion. I am definitely going to try this. Yummy :)


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