Monday, August 2, 2010

NurturMe Review and Discount

Isn't that the cutest baby ever?!

NurturMe is a fairly new company that has entered the baby food market with a punch. Not only are they on the right track with their marketing and clean package design, but they've brought something truly unique to the table. We've tried jars, pouches, and various ways to package baby food. This is a first, organic and quick dried these fruits and veggies retain a lot more of the nutrients babies need due to less heat exposure. We had an opportunity to review the eight pouches that were sent to us, thanks NurturMe!

Ease of use: While jarred baby food is easier in the sense that it can be opened and eaten right away, there are several reasons to choose NurturMe instead. One of these is that it really is easy as well, even on the go! All you need is a reusable container (we use stainless steel) and some liquid (like water or breast milk, we use rice milk for our toddler). It is easy to take along because the package is so small and lightweight.

Although NurturMe is designed for babies starting solids, another great way to use these is with picky toddlers. Our 18 month baby E has recently become picky with what she eats and the way she eats things. I can mix in some NurturMe dried fruits and veggies into her preferred foods that sometimes may lack in nutrients she needs (not junk food though, none of that in our house). Some of my ideas to sneak it in: with her favorite morning cream of wheat cereal, into the turkey meatballs that I make, pancakes from scratch, inside oatmeal cookies, with mashed potatoes, etc.
Quality & Value: NurturMe is certainly a high quality baby food, if that is what you're seeking - you've found it! It has much deeper flavors than other baby food you'll find and higher nutritional content.

One pouch yields about 2.5 ounces of baby food, which is a little more than half of the typically sized jars (at least the ones we have at our house currently). Which makes NurturMe admitedly out of my price range. The 8 packages yield about 20 oz of baby food and costs $9.49. I may have these on hand just for the sake of convenience, but most times I would opt for hiding freshly pureed fruits and veggies in my toddlers meals. If money is not an issue for you, these are great for everyday use with babies and toddlers alike.

How is this green: Another reason to choose NurturMe is the Eco friendly packaging. Not only are the contents wholesome and organic, the packaging is a lot less wasteful than other baby food and the carton it comes in is made with wind energy.
Taste: The color and flavor of these quick dried fruits and veggies is far superior to jarred foods! It has a very hearty taste that even the parents will want to steal some from the baby (ahem, I finished baby E's cream of wheat with Nurturme peas in no time). They have four varieties, all of which we love: peas, squash, apple, and sweet potatoes. Hopefully there will be more in the future as well!
About the Company: NurturMe is a "mompreneur" startup that has recently made its debut in the Texas area. I would never tell they're newbies! Plus, I love pretty much anything designed and created by moms like me!

Who Would You Recommend this to? I highly recommend NurturMe for babies who are starting on solids and for picky toddlers who will never know if you mix this into their favorite staples. Also recommended for new moms who don't have the time or patience for lugging and storing those heavy jars of baby food!

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