Monday, November 12, 2012

Addicted to Tea!

We have a problem. Ever since Baby E received the fabulous Tea Collection dresses this summer, she doesn't want to wear anything but them. She is not interested in other clothing. Period.

I have never seen a girl so excited to wake up to putting on a dress. I don't dare ask her if she would like to wear something else. I have tried and bribed - not happening. The problem is, it's getting much too chilly with temperatures plummeting outdoors and in. Our two Tea dresses are summer outfits. Do you think a four year old understands when you say "It's too cold for summer dresses!"? Not a chance. I have two options, crank up the heat and pay a premium on our bills or hide the dresses and pretend I can't find them until next summer. No, she will not consider wearing a long sleeve shirt with them for a layered look, tried that. 

Then there is option number three! Buy some long sleeve Tea dresses that are twirly and girly to satisfy her ruffly heart. That would keep her warm and keep me happy. 

I love the Flora Fest Twirly Dress, it is 'so Baby E'...

... and the Needlepoint Floral Party Dress paired with the Sparkle Chic Sweater - gorgeous! 

For girly girls everywhere who, like Baby E, refuse to wear pants - Tea Collection makes dresses  that are comfortable and versatile. She loves them at the playground, at home, and anywhere else where princesses go!

 Tea Collection  - outfitting girls all over the world!
(boys too!)

Disclosure: I want my readers to know that this post contains affiliate links. Meaning if you buy something via a link posted I will receive a small commission. It costs you nothing, but it helps me continue to run Eco-Babyz, thank you!

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  1. We have a couple of Tea Collection items here, and we love them too!


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