Saturday, May 12, 2012

Little Red Fish UV Swimwear {Sponsor Highlight}

No summer is complete without some swimwear for playing and basking in the sun. We were excited at the opportunity to showcase Little Red Fish and their delightful line of nautically inspired UV swimwear line for children of all ages. They have a huge variety of styles and literally dozens and dozens of mix and match choices in sizes 0 to 14 years old! So there is something for both your baby and your teen. The 50+ UV protective swimwear is of the highest quality and manufactured in New Zealand. 

While being out in the sun is essential for kids, too much sun can never be good. After we get a good dose of sunshine with my babies (about 15-20 minutes), I usually either move them into the shade or apply non-toxic sunscreen. The Little Red Fish swimwear is great for minimizing the amount of skin that needs to be smothered in sunscreen, saving you some time trying to apply it to squirmy, active kids. Not to mention it is a lot more reliable. The fabric for these garments is made in New Zealand and is super soft, the stripes are woven into the fabric, so they will never fade or wear out. 

The range is truly amazing and I had a really hard time picking something out for Baby E. You'll find everything from long sleeve kids UV shirts, to one-piece bathers, and modest bikinis. Most styles come in stripes and solid colors. We went with the red striped bikini top and bottom which I'm sure Baby E will love when we receive it! You'll see pictures of her playing in it this summer!

A Little Red Fish UV swimsuit will be the 'consolation prize', a pretty awesome one at that! If you don't win the car seat, one of the prize packages, or the suitcase, you still have a chance at a great swimsuit for your child. The winner will need to choose between the following options: classic bathing suit (middle photo above), halter bathing suit, short sleeved striped top, swim shorts (shown in last photo above), swim pants, bikini (first photo above).

Come back Monday May 14th to 27th during the Summer Splash Event and enter to win a Little Red Fish swimsuit for your little one! (PS: There will be $1000 in prizes and 5 winners thanks to some new sponsors!)

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What do you think of Little Red Fish UV swimwear?

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