Sunday, May 13, 2012

Heys Eco Luggage {Sponsor Highlight}

Boy did I underestimate how easy travel is before having kids! We used to travel so much more before Baby E and Baby T, so now we get really excited when we finally venture out somewhere. With our family expanding, we are actually trying to pack lighter so that travel doesn't have to be an ordeal with 53 pieces of bags and luggage. For our road trip this month we're taking the bare minimum, but we don't have a suitcase so I was looking for one that we can put most of our things in to avoid the pack-into-five-weekend-bags syndrome. Ideally I would have loved some luggage that's Eco friendly in a 'natural materials' kind of way (think cotton or hemp canvas), not 'recycled synthetic materials'. I couldn't find any. But I did discover the Heys line of Eco friendly luggage made with renewable and recycled materials. 

We have yet to receive our suitcase for this event, so I can't comment on our actual experience with it. In fact, for the winner I don't even know exactly which suitcase you'll get - but you will get one! They make both hardside luggage and woven EcoTex luggage, my personal favorite is the Eco Spinner. The set of 3 is made out of 185 recycled water bottles (people still drink out of those?!). It has a detachable compact toiletry bag, shoe bag, and many mesh pockets to keep you organized. It also expands to give you 25% more space! I'll take all I can get with two kids. 

This fabric is even stronger than the usual luggage material, in fact 47% stronger in testing. So it is durable and can take a beating from both the kids and the luggage handlers! I like the simple design, sturdy telescoping handle, and the great color choices. Can't wait to try it out in person!

Come back Monday May 14th to 27th during the Summer Splash Event and enter to win a Heys Eco suitcase! (PS: There will be $1000 in prizes and 5 winners thanks to some new sponsors!)

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What do you think of the Heys Eco Luggage line?

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  1. Those look so nice, we travel every summer and could definitely use those.

  2. Eco friendly luggage? How neat!

  3. Now that says ready for summer! Take me away to my summer vacation!

  4. That's amazing! from water bottles to luggage. Awesome company for doing that and I am impressed at the variety of luggage too.


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