Thursday, January 1, 2009

Vitamin D Key to Avoiding the Flu + other tips

We all know the advice to wash your hands often during flu season. It really is one of the best ways to prevent the spread of viruses and disease. But what if you have a job where you are constantly subjected to myriads of people, or your child is in kindergarten or school - the most likely places to catch the cold or flu? If you've read the last post about the ineffectiveness of the flu vaccine, you will ask what can you do to prevent your family from getting sick.

One of the myths you have to get over is that people get sick because it is cold in the winter, while that is a factor, it is not the underlying problem. Many studies over many years have shown a direct correlation between colds/flu (and actually many diseases) and Vitamin D deficiency (doctors would be out of work in flu season if everyone knew this). Considering that the primary source of vitamin D production is adequate exposure to the sun - it is apparent to anyone why this happens in the winter. Generally you will not see a flu pandemic in areas of the world where people get enough sunlight. Unfortunately, dermatologists and sunscreen manufacturers have campaigned long and hard to instill fear of the sun in us, aiding in the rise of many chronic diseases. There is more likelihood of getting skin cancer from sunscreen, not the sun - we all know life on earth would not survive without it! Safe exposure to the sun that does not result in burns will do wonders for your health, just look at the facts and the research. Plus the indoor life style of an average American further inhibits sun exposure. Vitamin D acts as a natural antibiotic in the body, nothing artificial can substitute it. While certain foods contain vitamin D (cod liver oil, salmon, etc.), the sun is our best source. To find out more, click on the links below:



Below is a post by a registered nurse, it explains why the doctor's hands are pretty much tied about telling the truth on the flu shot: "I am an RN working in cardiac critical care at a major hospital. When health services pass around the flu or pneumonia vaccines to nurses and doctors, I noticed very few accepted it.

Absolutely NO doctors accepted these! They told me my body's immunity process would have a better chance of fighting off the flu, than fighting off the consequences of the dangers that these vaccines may cause.

That was 10 years ago, and I have refused the flu or pneumonia vaccine since. I also have never been ill. I take vit. C, calcium and vit. D on a regular basis as well as zinc, which can reduce severity of colds or other respiratory ailments.

A few patients who got the vaccine did develop Guillain-Barré syndrome or became very ill from flu symptoms. Legally, I have to offer the flu/pneumonia vaccine to my patients and have them sign an acknowledgment of the dangers of same."

So sad that this vital information would never make it to mainstream media, and millions will be getting the toxic flu shot when the solution is so much more healthier and simple. Well, at least for now we have freedom on the net.

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  1. This is a great post! It is important for everyone to consider all of the risks/benefits associated with any vaccine before accepting or rejecting it.

    Whether you decide to vaccinate or not though, it is vital that everyone in your family is getting enough Vitamin D through supplements and what they eat and drink.

    Unfortunately, when it comes to the little ones, there aren't a lot of kid-friendly beverages available that include Vitamin D--really only fortified water, soy milk and some juice drinks.

    One good one though is First Juice--it's an organic, low sugar juice for kids full of important vitamins (including Vitamin D).


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