Sunday, May 6, 2012

Kushies Baby Sunglasses Review {Sponsor highlight}

Baby E is obsessed with sunglasses, but of course she already has a pair that she asked grandma to buy her. Baby T didn't have any, so we were thankful to receive some from Kushies. He is a big baby and I went with the toddler size even though he is only 6 months. I could find no info online anywhere regarding more exact sizing information for these! So here I am to let you know the obvious, if your baby is under 1 year old, you can safely go with the infant sunglasses, the toddler ones will be huge on him/her! As you can see, the toddler size is great on my 3 year old. Now Baby E has two pairs (of course, she's a girl!) and Baby T has none, he'll do fine in a sun hat I suppose.

We only received the toddler sunglasses for review, but if you enter the giveaway you will also get these cute pool shoes for your little one, perfect for hot sand, stones, and shells!

Come back May 14th to 27th during the Summer Splash Event and enter to win a pair of Pool Shoes ($9.99) and Infant/Toddler Sunglasses ($5.49) as part of one of two $250 prize packages!

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What do you think of the Kushies pool shoes and sunglasses?

Disclaimer: I did not receive payment for this review. I was provided a sample of the product for review purposes. The opinions are solely my own and your experience may differ. 


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