Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Mama's Breast Milk a Possible Cancer Cure?

There is a myriad if benefits to breast milk as the first baby food. But is it more than just the ideal first meal? As early as 1999, maybe even before then, researchers discovered that under the right pH conditions breast milk causes cancer cells to commit suicide. The sad thing is that such an astonishing discovery tends to get lost in the hurdles, legalities, and money trail of companies who want to make a profit on a cancer cure. All the while millions die while studies are awaited for a final verdict.

Many take matters into their own hands and at the first sound of the news ask for expressed breast milk donations for themselves or their loved ones battling cancer. Wouldn't you do the same? If you knew the cure for a disease killing your family members or friends, I am sure you would jump at the opportunity to get your hands on it. Perhaps this cancer fighting aid is cheaper and more accessible than cancer drugs with excessive side effects? I don't know, I am no doctor. But this just might be the only hope for many who can't afford expensive experimental treatments or do not want to be guinea pigs. Yes, it still has to be studied. But if you had cancer and saw an improvement in your friend with the same diagnosis who drank breast milk, would you wait for some 'authority' to tell you that it does indeed work? Check out the links below for more information, most of them essentially about the same episode:


  1. Too true. I'm a huge proponent of breastmilk and very anti-milk that comes from bovines. It's not healthy, people, just give your children that natural breast milk from mommy that they need!

  2. I am glad I gave you a topic to write about! I discovered this on the Mothering discussion boards and I have been drinking my milk ever since!

  3. I have hear that from my elders as well, now people have really started to believe it, I am sure it's one medicine for many diseases!

  4. That is so right, I really appreciate you posted this.


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