Saturday, December 24, 2011

Green Pasture Cod Liver Oil Review & Giveaway (3 winners!)

My three year old has tooth problems. I've been on a quest to find non-invasive ways to heal her teeth. I'm not going to go into why I avoid conventional dentists, but as you imagine the reasons aren't very different from why you would want to avoid conventional doctors who only know how to prescribe drugs and will not even ask you what you eat. In my search I came across the work of Dr. Weston A. Price. As I read about his discoveries, suddenly things started to make sense. 

Our modern diet of processed foods directly affects our health. We have come so far from what man had originally been eating, a diet rich in traditional foods such as raw milk, cream, cheese, eggs, liver, meat, cod liver oil, and seafood. Even though our family tries to eat healthy unprocessed foods, even the organic foods sold at grocery stores are so far from the way our ancestors nourished themselves. Sarah from The Healthy Home Economist explains this much better than I can in a short video introduction to traditional eating.

So after learning this I decided it is important to start my whole on Fermented Cod Liver Oil. It is the first step in helping my daughter's teeth heal and it is also recommended by Ramiel Nagel who wrote Cure Tooth Decay. So why is the Green Pastures Blue Ice oil my first choice? Besides the fact that they sponsored our review and giveaway the most important factor is that it is the only fermented cod liver oil, processed by traditional methods that preserve all nutrients. Most other manufacturers use industrial processes that kill nutrients that then have to be placed back in artificially. If you're interested, you can find out more by reading their Purity Statement.

This was our first time trying any cod liver oil. No, it's not something you'll love eating, let's face it. I received the Cinnamon Tingle flavor. My toddler was first to try it, she swallowed about half of her serving, she spit out the other half. So I learned that I have to mix it in something for her, orange juice worked well (not that I'm fond of the way it is made, I need to get a juicer). I took a whole adult serving for myself, if you swallow really fast and eat something right after it really isn't bad. My problem is that I get lazy to take it, I like the ease of cod liver oil capsules (which are also available from Green Pasture). 

THREE of you will win a $40 certificate to use at Green Pasture to buy anything you wish, including Cod Liver Oil, Coconut Ghee, Butter/Cod Liver Blend, and Skin Care Products.

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  1. I've used Cod liver oil before and it worked so good... it wont hurt to try a different brand of cod liver oil since the one i tried was from the Philippines


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