Saturday, December 24, 2011

Cure Tooth Decay and Healing Our Children Book Reviews and Giveaway

As I mentioned in my Green Pasture review (and giveaway!), my three year old daughter's teeth are not in very good shape. What I thought was fluorosis is actually a dietary problem that goes deeper than that. In my search for answers I found Ramiel Nagel's book, Cure Tooth Decay. The title itself is intriguing since most dentists will have you believe that tooth decay can only be managed, not cured. Even more intriguing is the fact that many people have successfully cured cavities, severe tooth problems, and straightened crooked teeth by following the traditional diet outlined by Dr. Weston A. Price and the tips offered in Ramiel's book. 

It was very interesting to learn that indigenous people who consumed traditional foods had perfect, straight, and strong teeth. They didn't even have toothbrushes. As soon as they succumbed to the modern processed food diet, their teeth visibly deteriorated. Tooth health begins from the inside out, whatever we eat directly affects what our teeth will look like. This book offered answers that I couldn't find anywhere else, as well as a lot of practical advice. I highly recommend it if you or anyone in your family have tooth problems. I'll warn you though that if you don't already eat healthy foods, it will be quite an adjustment. If you already avoid processed, store-bought foods (like we try), it is still an eye opener and you'll find yourself nodding your head as you read and realize that what is considered 'healthy' by our standards is in fact a very modern way of eating that was not part of our ancestors' diets. All food used to be organic and natural at one point, just a short 100 years ago. Now we have to read labels since it is no longer so.

I also received Ramiel's other book, Healing Our Children. This book is a goldmine of valuable information for parents striving to lead a natural lifestyle with their children. It has some of the same information found in Cure Tooth Decay, and a lot more pertaining to fertility, pregnancy, birth, breastfeeding, and parenting specifically. A lot of controversial subjects are covered, the answers are pretty straight forward. You may even find it offensive if you are a bottle feeding, Ferberizing ('cry it out'), non baby-wearing, fully vaccinating, daycare embracing parent. Either offensive or eye opening, your choice. You'll also find proof of what children truly benefit from. If you want what is best for babies, the answers are here. This is a great present for any crunchy mama that you know, great for a baby shower, she will thank you later! 

You can get a free chapter of Healing Our Children at the top of that page. You can also purchase Cure Tooth Decay and Healing Our Children through our affiliate, Amazon, or on Ramiel's websites. 

In both books you'll find that cod liver oil is a traditional super food that is a must for your family. Not just any cod liver oil (most processed ones are void of original vitamins and nutrients, not to mention possibly contaminated with heavy metals), there are few recommended by the Weston A. Price Foundation. The Green Pasture Blue Ice is #1 on their list, so don't forget to enter the giveaway here at Eco-Babyz!

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  1. Good nutrition, preventing tooth decay and the growth of harmful bacteria, protecting teeth with fluoride use, and seeking regular, professional family dental care each play a role in promoting healthy teeth in children. thanks.

    1. I'll have to disagree on fluoride, the toxic byproduct of the aluminum industry (fact). Not all dentists are created equal either, most do more harm than good - just speaking from my own experience and everyone I know :) A holistic dentist on the other hand (one who takes into account nutrition and offers advice on natural remedies), may be a goldmine!


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