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Best Oils for Tooth Re-mineralization {Cure Tooth Decay...}

I am not an expert on alternative treatments for tooth decay or remineralizing teeth. We are on a journey with our family and since January of 2013 we've been attempting to heal our daughter's tooth decay through a traditional foods diet. It's been four months and there has been a little progress, but we have a long way to go and it is really hard to stick to such a restrictive diet as outlined by Ramiel Nagel in Cure Tooth Decay. I know we are not alone on this journey, I've met so many other moms online that have also been struggling with the same issues with their kids! What is encouraging is that it does actually work, though not the same for everyone. 

When it comes to choosing an oil for overall health and tooth remineralization, we had to compromise a bit when it comes to quality and price. Though Green Pasture is considered to be the best, it's simply out of our price range. We took into account the WAPF (Weston A. Price Foundation) COL recommendations and decided on the Swanson Double Strength COL Capsules, it's not 'best' but still 'good'. Certainly better than nothing. 

Here are the products we've tried and our experience with them and a bonus $5 toward your purchase if you are interested in the CLO we currently use!
  • Green Pasture Fermented Cod Liver Oil: Created through an old-world process of fermenting, this cod liver oil retains all original nutrients and it is considered the best for tooth remineralization. We received it for review last year and honestly we just cannot afford the more than $40 price tag for one bottle. Sometimes you can get a better deal on it at Amazon or other retailers.

  • Swanson Double Strength Cod Liver Oil: This is our current cod liver oil of choice for the whole family. It's affordable and a good option if you're on a budget. At $14.49 for 500 capsules, it's a great deal, even considering the fact that you would be taking more than one a day. Use this link to get a $5 coupon when you sign up at Swanson! You'll love this site, we buy many items there in the health foods (like hard-to-find flours), homeopathics, organic skin care, and herbal remedies - to name a few.

  • Everest Nutrition Krill Oil: We reviewed this super potent krill oil supplement recently and I really do like it. My daughter swallowed the capsules on one occasion, but then couldn't do it. So I didn't force her and take them myself until we run out. Although the nutritional content is superior I'm convinced, the price tag is also a little high. The best deal I've found was actually on Amazon, but 60 capsules for $25 is still too much for us.

  • Childlife Cod Liver Oil: I had a dilemma, although I am still breastfeeding, I wanted my toddler to have some benefits of CLO directly. Of course I can't give him capsules that he would choke on. For now our compromise is the Childlife strawberry flavored CLO. He loves this stuff and asks for it! He gets half a teaspoon per day, more if there are sniffles or something bothering him. An 8 ounce bottle is $14.54 on Amazon, but shipping is extra. You can get the same bottle at Swanson (use my $5 coupon) for just $11.77 and shipping is free on orders over $50. It's pretty easy to stock up there at the $50 range (buckwheat, coconut flour, sorghum flour, gluten free goodies, shampoo, etc.)

  • Kerrygold Grass Fed Irish Butter: Cod Liver Oil works best when taken in conjunction with vitamin K naturally found in high vitamin butter oil, grass fed cheeses, fat from grass-fed animals, and grass-fed butter (not the only sources). We regularly buy Kerrygold Butter because it is so readily available at our local grocery store and it is worth every penny! Once you taste this butter you would never go back to regular grain-fed cow butter! We usually give Baby E and T a spoonful of this good-for-you fat and we like to spread it on sprouted bread or our homemade sprouted flour crackers. Oh, and don't attempt buying it on Amazon, it's double the price and they charge $20 for shipping! Yeah, pretty obvious you shouldn't be buying perishables on Amazon. Most stores in our area carry it, even conventional ones. Another option is high vitamin butter oil, also available on Amazon, but it's cheaper for us to buy the butter. I do add organic ghee as well to my cooking for the nutritional boost, and it makes all the healthy recipes taste yummy. 
Well I'm glad to get that off my chest, since only about a dozen of you have been asking me about what we currently take for the Cure Tooth Decay diet. I hope this answers your question! 

What do you take for cod liver oil, if anything? Do you have any questions about these products?

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  1. Great info, I have Nordic liquid fish oil, and kids have no problem taking it, of course it taste nothing compare to Green Pasture Cod liver, with that said i wonder how effective it is. It was 16oz for $38. I started thinking about my 16th month old what to give her.

    1. You should try that strawberry flavored Childlife CLO for 16 month old, Baby T loves it! :)

    2. how much quantity of fermented code liver oil should give to the baby of 20 month and at which intervals

    3. I am not qualified to give you the proper dose, read what your bottle says. Usually it's once a day.


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