Tuesday, January 25, 2011

A Glimpse into Eco-Babyz #23: Toddlers, Coughs, and Colds

A couple of weeks ago we finally got over a cold. By we I mean my toddler and I. I am the 'smart' mom that takes her baby and husband out sledding during the season's first blizzard. First the sniffles and runny nose, none stop mind you. Wiping a toddler's nose every thirty seconds is not fun, as any mom will attest. As I recovered more or less, her runny nose turned into a cough, a deep chest cough. Wanting to avoid bronchitis, a sinus infection, or anything along those lines, I delved into finding natural treatments to get rid of this nastiness without drugs.

Here are some things that worked for us to drive this cold away before any lasting damage.
  1. Daily dose of Vitamin D3 at 2,000 IUs for toddler, 4,000 IUs for me (that's actually a modest amount to take when sick). For baby E I would just puncture the gel tab and squeeze it in with her syrup/honey.
  2. Echinacea & Goldenseal whole plant supplement. I just took the capsule, but for my toddler I opened the capsule and emptied 1/3 the contents into a 1/2 teaspoon of honey and mixed it.
  3. The remedy that I think had the most punch specifically for the chest cough is two cloves of lightly boiled garlic (if you're making it for a baby, about 1 minute, better raw for adults), with one tablespoon raw honey, and one table spoon fresh squeezed lemon juice. This amount was enough for the two of us. Bonus: the baby loved it. Just make sure not to give honey to infants under one.
  4. Honey Gardens Elderberry Syrup: at the recommendation of our holistic pediatrician, we also gave her this for general immune system support.
  5. Boiron Children's Chestal Honey Cough Syrup: I can't say this was as good as garlic with honey and lemon, but it works well when you get the first symptoms, not so much for us in our case.
  6. Humidifier in our bedroom.
I always want to try just one or two remedies at a time to see what really works well - but when the baby is actually sick, which is rare, I just want her to get better faster! No time for experiments when it actually happens. At least a toddler can more or less tell you what hurts and where. I always remind myself that being sick is good and necessary, it is like exercise for our immune system. Another plus - it makes you really appreciate the times you are healthy!

What cough, cold, and/or flu remedies are your favorite?

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  1. Right on time for this post. My baby is sick and have this nasty cough. The only thing that I've tried is eucalyptus oil robbed onto chest and back and a few drops into a candle diffuser. Thanks for the info, I'll definitely try the garlic.


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