Wednesday, December 8, 2010

A Glimpse into Eco-Babyz #17: You Teach Me Peace, Love, and Joy

Peace Love Joy

You will likely see and hear these words many times this holiday season on cards, wrapping paper, and in songs. Each person has a different idea of the exact meaning of these words. I want to share with you how the last two years with my daughter have shaped my understanding of these three, the prose is addressed to her.


Babies are peaceful. You have showed me that peace does not have to depend on circumstances. You are peaceful as you dig through the yogurt with your hands. You are not concerned with the mess it will make. You are peaceful as I hurry through the day to get things done. You do not let my running around steal the peace from you. In your world, peace is a state of being. The few moments when you are not peaceful are only those when you demand from me that I leave my hurried mindset and sit down to be peaceful along side you. You love stopping to smell the flowers, exchanging beauty and peace with them.


Babies bring love. Your love for me does not depend on anything. Even as I unwillingly raise my voice at you for mischief, you cling to me, hug me, kiss me. You pass hugs around for no reason. You forget any wrongdoing toward you two seconds after it happens. Love comes to you naturally and I only hope that I can nourish it so that it grows with you, and spreads to those around you. So that when you grow up, you would immediately know which people in your company truly love you for who you are.


Babies are joy itself! Your joy does not depend on any thing I give you. I think it is beautiful that you need very little to be joyful. A good night's sleep, and dry diaper, and sufficient nourishment puts a smile on your face. Even without toys you find joy in a pan, ladle, and measuring spoon. It is so easy to please you! I don't want to take that away by surrounding you with stuff and making you depend on things for fleeting joy. What brings you the most joy is simply being with daddy and I. The smile on your face appearing when we take the time to play with you melts our hearts and makes us long even more for that time. Your laughter is contagious. I do not mind acting silly just to hear your laughter!

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