Tuesday, September 21, 2010

A Glimpse into Eco-Babyz #4: The typical day

I am using the word typical very loosely here. We have a so called schedule, but generally we are not religious about it. I love spontaneity and I try to follow my daughter's cues for her favorite activities. Not to mention she loves to do things that completely through our schedule off. With her curious nature and love for learning, she usually makes up her own games, I just play along! Our schedule keep evolving through the seasons and as we grow.

  • 9:01 If she wasn't already sleeping on her tummy, she rolls over from her crib to the parents' bed, climbs on top of mommy and says 'mamochka' (Russian for mommy). If it wasn't for the intense desire to get more than six hours of sleep, this would be mommy's favorite part of the day!
  • 9:32 After half an hour of baby E trying to wake mommy and mom hoping baby will sleep some more, baby climbs out of bed and says 'ruchka', which means she wants mom to hold her hand. Mommy has learned that if she tells her to wait, baby will start crying. LOUD. So in hopes of letting the night owl daddy sleep some more, mommy drags herself out of bed and holds baby E's hand. Baby either asks to go downstairs or mommy leads her to the office where her diapers have dried overnight. Time for the potty and a diaper change!
  • 9:55 Pretty late breakfast by most people's standards. Baby asks for George, or Thomas, or Caillou. Depending on mommy's mood or the length of breakfast preparation, mommy says 'yes' or 'no'. If mommy says the latter, it must be proceeded with suggestions to help with making breakfast or alternative entertainment that doesn't involve screens or batteries.
  • 10:32 After breakfast mommy cleans up whatever mess baby made, throws the dishes in the sink, and the diapers in the wash. Meanwhile baby entertains herself or whines at mommy's feet.
  • 11:01 Mommy dresses baby and they're off outside! Finally! On the way to the playground baby E picks up a load of stones, sticks, and acorns. They make a stop at a friend's house to see if they want to go outside with them. If baby S is not already napping, they join them. Baby E passionately insists 'kachelki, kachelki!' (Russian for swings)
  • 12:11 After some time on the playground and a walk around the neighborhood, they head inside to make lunch and dinner. Yes, since daddy leaves for work around 2, dinner has to be made now! Again, depending on the degree of elaborateness of the preparation of the meal, baby E either 'helps' mommy or watches a Russian cartoon (Prostokvashino).
  • 1:03 Lunch time! Usually daddy's breakfast. Baby E picks at her lunch for 5 minutes, then asks to get out of the highchair. Ten minutes later she wants to eat the rest of her lunch. Clean up and packing daddy's dinner.
  • 2:25 Baby E says bye bye to daddy, gets a diaper change, and is put down for her nap. In about 15 minutes she is asleep. Naps last anywhere from half an hour to three hours, but usually in the 1.5 hour range. Mommy savors this precious time to work online at Lunch.com.
  • 4:07 With either a soft whimper or a loud 'mama', baby E announces she's awake. Sometimes she climbs off the bed herself and barges into the office. Cuddles. Hugs. Kisses. Diaper change if needed, perhaps some potty time too. Mommy washes dishes, does laundry, cleaning, cooking while baby E snacks and plays with anything she finds in the kitchen and sometimes her toys.
  • 5:32 After a quick dinner they are ready for the outdoors again! Baby E meets her neighbor baby S at the playground to play.
  • 6:39 Either baby E visits baby S or baby S comes to baby's E's house. Toddlers enjoy taking apart whatever cleanliness mommies could manage to create, while the said mommies sip tea and chat with interruptions every 17 seconds.
  • 8:03 Babies say their good byes and part. Depending on how tired baby E is, mommy may get the cookie dough going so that she can get baking after baby is asleep. A warm bath is welcome every other day (for the most part). Getting ready for bedtime is fun, mommy chases baby E to get the pajamas on.
  • 9:31 Baby E is not asleep yet, she is nursing and always asking for 'the other one'. She likes to roll over, sit up, and start saying all the names of people she knows. She is just copying mommy's 'make baby sleepy technique'.
  • 10:22 After some back rubs and mommy's lullabies, baby E drifts off to dreamland. Half asleep mommy picks herself up and either finishes baking cookies or gets right to work and blogging.
  • 12:30 Daddy comes home. Hugs. Kisses. Midnight snack. A little more work. If mommy is much too tired she'll go to sleep around 1 am, but if there's a lot of work to be done, she stays up until 2 or 3.
We would love to know a little about your daily adventures!

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  1. LOL, I love that you included her baby language!

  2. What a sweet post, I love it! I was laughing when you talked about needing more than 6 hours of sleep a night--I totally know what you mean!

  3. Thanks for the comments girls :)
    Sometimes I wish there was a way to capture that baby language better than with words!


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