Wednesday, January 12, 2011

A Glimpse into Eco-Babyz #21: 2010 in Pictures

January/February | First time at the Children's Museum in Boston | One year old photo shoot (courtesy of talented relative) | Love at first sight with the piano

It is amazing what a blur 2010 has been. It feels like ever since I've become a mother, my life has been put in fast forward. That is why I am obsessed with taking lots of pictures to remember these moments when our little baby is all grown up! Here is a glimpse into our year through a selection of photos.

March/April | Every day at our playground | Endicott Park | First time eating yogurt a year after being diagnosed with milk protein allergy | First time making bubbles | Enjoying animals at Smolak Farm

May | Baby E's first time at IKEA | Baby's first time at the zoo | Grandpa's birthday | My best friend's bridal shower | Hiking at bird sanctuary

June | My sister gives birth to her fourth son | Hot days at the playground | Baby E's first lobster! |
My best friend's/cousin's wedding | My sister moves to a new home | Lazy days at the beach

July | Beach time everywhere we could squeeze it in | Our first date without a baby in tow! | Discovering a new favorite playground near our house

August | New England Air Show | At the playground everyday with our new neighborhood friend | Day camping in Gloucester at the beach | At cousin's sixth birthday

September | Scenic day trip to New Hampshire, just the three of us | Baby E's first time at Boston Commons on an unusually warm September day | Smolak Farms with cousins | Made a new friend | My birthday, just hubby and I

October | Discovering the joys of biking again with the iBert seat | Train museum in Lowell on the coldest and wettest day of the month | Stevens Coolidge place | Baby E's first doll arrives! | First time eating an ice cream cone | First time I let her help me make bread :)

November | Playground with cousins and friends | Cousin's second birthday | Thanksgiving | Riding a horse at cousin's fourth birthday | Farewell to our neighborhood friend (in the moving truck)

December | Event at Crane Estate (who can resist jazz, cookies, and hot cider?) | Lots and lots of hugs and kisses from cousins! | Mini snowman and first snow with daddy | My fist ever 'torte' a huge hit | Reunion with cousins | Making Russian ravioli with grandma | Under the Christmas tree at aunt's house | Playing outside in first snow

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