Thursday, January 6, 2011

G2V Products Stainless Bottles Review

I've been drinking my filtered water from stainless bottles for a while now. The risks of BPA in plastic have been underestimated for too long and it has recently been linked to infertility even more so than before. Not to mention that most bottled waters are just basic filtered tap and there is no guarantee it went through an activated carbon or reverse osmosis filter (the two best methods). I like stainless as a material because it is easy to wash, has no lining, and to me, no noticeable after taste.

We were sent a set of G2V bottles to review, I actually wasn't expecting that many! From the left, we have a small (500 mL) wide mouth single wall bottle, the 520 mL wide mouth insulated bottle, the 670 mL wide mouth single wall bottle, the 540mL narrow mouth insulated, and some accessories.

Our experience: The little one is perfect for my two year old daughter. Though she needs help opening the straw, I consider that a good thing since she will not spill it where it isn't appropriate. She loves playing with water and thus containing it is important to me. I did the, what I call, 'stale water test'. I poured clean water in the bottle and left it closed on the counter for a couple of days to see if there would be any smell or aftertaste. Passed with flying colors! I can't say the same thing for other reusable bottles we have. Since at home she drinks from real cups, the bottle primarily stays in the diaper bag. If I forget to change the water I still want it to stay fresh in case we go somewhere.

I really like the bottle cap design. Some of the sport top bottles can be really hard to drink out of or even close spontaneously as you are drinking. These on the other hand have a large straw and it feels just like sipping liquid out of a glass with a straw. I do wish they came with a dust cap for those times that I know I will drop it, especially with a toddler at the playground. The cap closes very tightly and when the straw is in the down position, no water leaks out.

I am looking forward to when they will add bottle caps for hot beverages to their line up. As of right now, none of the bottle caps, even with insulated bottles, are meant for hot beverages. I would love to take along a cup of hot tea with me in the winter, so I certainly appreciate that they thought of adding that to their range of products. The insulated bottles will be perfect with hot tea, coffee, or cocoa! As an idea, I would love to see them make a large, insulated meal container in the future. I would be the first to buy one! There are a few on the market, but all of them are far to small for my husband to take a substantial hot meal with him to work.

Quality & Value: These are excellent quality bottles. Baby E already dropped hers on a hard tile floor, there is a little tiny scratch at the base but no dent at all. Other stainless bottles we have dented when dropped the same way.

How is this green: Not only are you eliminating waste from plastic water bottles, you are also doing your health a lot of good. Avoiding contact with plastic is a wise choice since it leaches all sorts of chemicals when it comes in contact with liquid, especially if it is heated (like in a hot car in the summer).

About the Company: I was introduced to G2V through a friend in California. I've never heard of the company before. The name is actually the star name for our sun. G2V rose from unique collaboration between designers, high-quality manufacturers and visionaries. Their combined decades of design experience and manufacturing know-how enables them to deliver simple and easy to use products at very competitive prices. Having meaningful purpose, being easy to use and utilizing more sustainable, environmentally friendly materials is part of G2V's philosophy towards consumer products.

Recommended for: The variety of sizes and options makes these great for anyone, from children to adults. Great to take to work, school, the gym, or the playground.

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  1. This is a great idea, I've always been concerned with plastic. I never use it, only glass.


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