Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Favorite Products of 2010

2010 really flew by for us! Here at Eco-Babyz we have contemplated about how we enjoyed trying so many different new products this year. Some stand out more than others, so I wanted to share our favorites with you. In no particular order, here they are:

1. Thirsties Duo Diaper: this is the diaper I always save for when we're out, I can leave it on for 5 hours and there is still room for more! Read review | Buy
2. Shooshoos: the pair of shoes that we were sent from this company was always my daughter's favorite. She wore them through spring, summer, and fall very comfortably and there is still tons of life left in them for another baby. Read review | Buy
3. Smartipants: By far my favorite for cloth diapering on a [modest] budget. We never have problems with leaks with this one and it is so trim. Read review | Buy

4. Guidecraft Doll Buggy: my daughter plays with it nearly every day, it is one of those toys she never gets tired of. Read review | Buy
5. Green Toys Sand Play Set: endless fun with this and not just at the beach, it is my girl's favorite with dirt, puddles, and playground mulch. I love how sturdy it is, unlike most sand sets from China that you end up buying every year. Read review | Buy
6. Naturally Good Organic Merino Wool Blanket: baby E is sleeping wrapped in this as I type, keeps her warm and surprisingly stays on her more often than not. She always wakes up toasty but not sweaty. Read review | Buy

7. Coyuchi Organic Towel Set: the best quality set of towels I've ever owned for sure, I save them for the guests (and sometimes sneak to use it myself)! Read review | Buy
8. Tuffo Muddy Buddy: this is absolutely indispensable and since we're outgrowing it, I will soon need to buy the next size up. We bought it a little large and it fits for two years, we wear it out in the rain or when it is wet out because baby E cannot live without the outdoors. Too bad they don't make one in my size! Baby E's friend bought the same one in pink and they loved playing in puddles together! Read review | Buy
9. Charlie's Soap: of all detergents I've tried Charlie's is my favorite so far. It is very economical and cleans very well, loves our cloth diapers. Read review | Buy

10. Little Soles: absolutely adorable, super comfortable (according to baby), and Eco-friendly shoes. Though these will fit her this coming summer, she loves wearing them around the house already. Read review | Buy
11. Bumbleride Flite: we have sold our Flite as we needed money more than another stroller, but if I could, I would keep it! I just love that it is so light and has a carrycot for an infant. I fell in love with the color as well! Read review | Buy
12. Francoise Studio: the woman who made baby E's dress is truly talented. We got it for a special occasion and only wore it a couple of times, but because the style is so adjustable it will fit great this summer as well and maybe even the summer after as a shirt! Read review | Buy

13. Organically Raised: this is a wonderful cookbook that I wish I had before baby E started solids, but nevertheless I'm glad I got it later rather than never. We have a few favorites here that not only the baby enjoys but the whole family! Love that the recipes are so easy. Read review | Buy
14. Emani Minerals: I only wear makeup on weekends, but I'm glad I have something non-toxic to wear when I do. Performance wise, this is definitely better than any drugstore brands I've tried in the past. Read review | Buy
15. Apple Park Picnic Pal Monkey: baby E loves monkeys and dare I say this one's even cuter than Curious George! She sleeps with it, plays with it, gives it rides in the buggy. Read review | Buy

16. Bohemme Waldorf Doll: I love anything handmade, but this doll tops the list. It is still a little big for my daughter, but she loves wheeling it around in the buggy, making up names for it, and sleeping with it. Read review | Buy
17. iBert Safe-T Seat: we only got to use this a handful of times but instantly fell in love! I wish we had it earlier when baby E was younger, we would be outside more on the bikes. Read review | Buy
18. Melissa & Doug Dollhouse: excellent toy for hours of independent play, doesn't take up too much space, and this one happens to be gender neutral. Read review | Buy

19. Ecobubs Wool Pocket Nappy: our new favorite cloth diaper, if it wasn't that expensive, I would sell my whole stash and buy an entire one of these! Luxury meets diapering... Almost too nice to poop in. Read review | Buy

As for not so favorites, the ionator HOM would have to be on the list. After three attempts, none of the units worked for me and I gave up. Granted the customer service was excellent, but it would not charge no matter what I tried. Then there were the soap nuts, they weren't bad, but I just didn't feel comfortable using them. They cleaned, but I had to check all the time. Getting them out of the little bag was next to impossible and I would never remember how many times I already used them. Another item that didn't quite impress, the Baby Bond nursing sash. It seemed like a great idea, but in use it proved to be too much of a hassle. I'm glad though that most products we've tried we actually loved and feel great supporting!

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  1. I may need to check out those Smartipants...my Fuzzibuns are not standing up to my son!


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