Thursday, November 4, 2010

BikeKidShop.com and iBert Seat Review

My husband and I love the outdoors. Before our daughter was born we were renting a suburban apartment and had our bikes parked right outside our entry door. We both worked full time but still sought out local trails and really enjoyed giving our mountain bikes a work out. Fast forward to now, we haven't biked since I got pregnant three years ago and had our bikes parked at our friends' garage all this time. Our daughter will be two in January and I felt we were really missing out on biking together. After some research I was enamored with the iBert Safe-T Seat and I came across BikeKidShop.com as a trusted place to acquire it. Thank you for sending us one for a test drive! Boy do I wish we had this seat this past spring and summer...

iBert Seat highlights: We are very pleased with the iBert seat, it is exactly what we were looking for and dreaming of. I love that baby E is upfront with me, my husband and I can comfortably communicate with her without having to turn our heads backward. It was fairly easy to install, though the little ring pin and clip took a few tries to get in. It looks and feels safe and secure, not wobbly.

For our first ride we went to the Minuteman Bikeway near Boston. We were fortunate to take advantage of one of the last warm days in October. Though it was almost baby E's nap time and we lost track of time, it was so exciting to finally be outdoors together on bikes! We do have a little trouble getting her in the seat because of the placement of the brake levers on my husband's bike, they are very close to the leg on the iBert. So the only way to put her in is to take her shoes off, put her in the seat, and put the shoes back on. For that first ride she was riding with my husband, he is 6'2" and had no trouble riding with the seat in front of him. I also used his bike to take baby E on rides around the neighborhood on several occasions, I can't think of anything she loves more now! As soon as I mention the bicycle she goes looking for her helmet! Needless to say, once the New England winter is over you will be seeing us a lot on the local bike routes.

The only problem we had is with the seat pad which came separately from the seat itself (we may have the older model that was originally without a pad). There is no way to thread it through the front strap without cutting it, so we just have the pad placed inside without it being attached, which of course doesn't interfere with safety or function. All in all this child bike seat is definitely worth it and it is both baby and user friendly.
Store Values: The BikeKidShop offers great pricing on their products. For orders over $99 shipping is free, so if you were to buy an iBert seat and helmet you don't have to pay for shipping! Otherwise the shipping rates are very reasonable, FedEx ground or USPS First Class will not cost you more than $8. If you sign up for their newsletter you'll be the first to know about any sales and specials. In the specials section you'll find all the items on sale, like the iBert seat priced at $85 right now.

Website Design: The website is very easy to navigate. In addition to products they have information to help you make the best decision with your purchase. They have a helpful comparison chart for child bike trails.

Items offered in the store: Aside from a variety of bike mounted child seats, the BikeKidShop offers an array of bike trailers, Bell and Giro child helmets, balance bikes, and accessories.
Who Would You Recommend this to? Bicycling parents with babies and small children. The iBert seat is great for easily transferring between bikes if you have the need (with an extra stinger). The BikeKidShop also has anything else you might need for biking with kids.
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