Monday, February 1, 2010

Smartipants Cloth Diaper Review

Oh, the quest to find the best! Alright, I admit there is no such thing as the best cloth diaper, babies are all different. Just like you would never find a pair of jeans that fits every woman perfectly. Smartipants sent us one of their one-size diapers to try and this one looks like a keeper.

FIT: The Smartipants one-size diaper fits our 20 pound 1 year old perfectly on the medium snap setting. I could not try this diaper on a newborn or a toddler though, so I can't say how it would fit on a tiny baby or a bigger baby. However, this diaper is highly adjustable. For a newborn, the top tabs can cross over to create a good fit at the waist and the vertical snaps make it small enough to avoid flare butt. I really like the elastics at the waist and the leg openings. They are tight enough to contain messes, but loose enough not to leave marks on the baby.

PERFORMANCE: We are extremely satisfied with the performance of Smartipants. Fortunately we got to try it with both types of messes (which is rare because our one year old goes on the potty). It kept everything in, absorbed a lot of liquid for a total of three hours (we don't go for more than four with cloth) that we tried it, and washed out really easy. We did not try it overnight, we usually use a roomier diaper for that with two inserts for absorbency,

EASE OF USE: Once you have the soaker inserted, it is ready to go, just like a disposable. The snaps take a minute to fasten, but your baby will not be able to take the diaper off - that's a plus. You'll also avoid issues with velcro in the wash. I don't mind either way of fastening, snaps work great on Smartipants. One of my favorite things is that the soaker comes out of the diaper by itself in the wash, no need to take the dirty soaker out with your hands! That is a great plus, if all diapers were like that it would save parents some time (and hassle) in the long run. It dries really fast because it is a pocket diaper, not an AIO (all in one).

VALUE: Smartipants are one of the most economical diapers I have come across. At $39.95 for a three pack you pay only $13.32 per diaper (one costs $14.95)! Since it fits 7 to 35 pounds, it is the only size you need. It is great if you have more than one diapered baby close in age. Oh, and last but not least, they are made in the USA!


  1. Glad someone likes these diapers, because it sure isn't me. My daughter leaked like crazy with these, even after we contacted the company and tried all of their suggestions. They may be cheap, but they are NOT a value!

  2. I'm sorry about your experience! I'm actually thinking of buying more because it's my favorite out of 5 brands that we have! We've never had leak issues. I often choose this one when we need to go out because I find it so reliable. Are you using these on a toddler or newborn? Is your daughter skinny or chubby?

  3. I absolutely LOVE smartipants! I have been cloth diapering my wee one for about 4 months(since 10 months old) and they are the best. No leaks, no issues with snaps or elastic, so cheap, and yes, made in the USA! The only crappy part is the shipping from the company is outrageous. If you can find them on a free shipping site, you have got a real steal on your hands.


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