Wednesday, June 9, 2010

2010 Bumbleride Flite Review

Let's get real mommies! Who really wants to lug a travel system around when there is a much better and lighter (<--- circle and underline that word) option? The new Bumbleride Flite hits the bullseye when it comes to a luxury umbrella stroller. When you think of umbrella stroller what comes to mind? One of those $20 strollers that doesn't turn, has a thin fabric seat, and needs to be replaced every season? Well, this is not it. Thanks to Bumbleride we got to find out just how different the Flite is than the average umbrella stroller. Let's skip the details, that's what the video is for. I'll just tell you all the reasons it is or isn't right for you!

If I was to compare the Flite to a car, I would say it's a Mini Cooper. Compact, great mileage, solid brand reputation, and tons of style. It does not skimp on features and has more to offer than many full size strollers. I absolutely love the one handed steering, turns on a dime. It's light as a feather (a 13 lb feather), has a generous canopy, and an easy fold. Best of all, you don't have to wait for your child to get older before you get a compact umbrella stroller, the Flite has a recline suitable for newborns and it is also compatible with the Bumbleride carrycot which we absolutely love! Looking for convenience of a set of wheels for your infant car seat? That's covered too with a car seat adapter that comes standard with the stroller. Raincover? Standard. Parent cup holder? Standard too. Headrest and shoulder pads? They've got you covered.

STYLE & DESIGN: I have always eyed the Bumbleride strollers for their fashionable color choices. The Seagrass is one of my favorites, though I admit it's hard to choose. They always stand out and turn heads. I love the design of the Flite, it radiates simple, sophisticated, stylish, and practical.

QUALITY & VALUE: Parents often end up with several strollers when their kids are all grown up because they buy a new cheap stroller every time it breaks. Why not buy once and have a great stroller instead of buying three and end up paying the same amount anyway? The Bumbleride Flite retails at $249.99, you can even buy it online with free shipping (includes car seat adapter, parent cup holder, rain cover, infant headrest and shoulder strap covers). If you're interested in the carrycot, it is an additional $99.99 and the footmuff and seat liner is $59.99.

I know some people have expressed concern about the bar between stroller handles that collapses easily, I also thought that was odd so I asked the company about it. The reason it functions in this way is because if it were to lock in place, it would add an extra step to the folding process. The sole purpose of it is to keep the stroller handles from bending outward, so don't worry if it doesn't lock, it does not in any way interfere with the safety of the stroller when it is in operation.

I recommend this for: Urban moms, this may be the only stroller you'll ever need. The Flite will get your baby from birth through the toddler years very comfortably (great for tall children too). All without the need for a separate garage just to house a stroller, this one would do fine even hanging on the back of your closet door. I also recommend it to suburban moms as well since it's perfect for travel, shopping, the zoo, museums, and walks outside if you have perfect sidewalks. This is not for you rural mommies, you should check out the Bumbleride Queen B or Indie instead. If you're like me and the parent facing option is a must have, then try the Bumbleride Flyer. Though the Flite is perfect for travel, it would depend on where you're traveling to. Paris? Yes. Cruising? Yes. Alaskan wilderness? Ahem, skip the stroller, take a baby carrier. :)

Do you want to see more? Check the Bumbleride website!
You can buy the Flite on their website or in our Eco-Babyz Boutique!

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  1. That's a really cool stroller! Love how compact it is but has all the best features. I don't know of any other umbrella stroller that accommodates a carrycot.


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