Saturday, February 4, 2012

Why I Love Our Holistic Family Doctor

We are feeling so much better now. Sometimes I think the purpose of being sick is to make you appreciate being well so much more! The immune system strengthening effect is a nice perk. 

Being sick this time also made me realize how lucky we are to have our particular family doctor (and to have his services covered by our insurance). Doctors like these are very hard to find these days. Here is why I do not regret for a second that we all switched over to his care.

He doesn't push meds: With all my previous doctors I felt like the only thing they were capable of is writing out a prescription. Never mind trying something natural first, asking what I eat, or any environmental factors. Most doctors completely ignore the causes and just give you some medications for the symptoms. We're very blessed to have a doctor that only writes out a prescription if it is absolutely necessary and only to be used for short term management until your lifestyle changes kick in to solve the problem. Shouldn't every doctor do that? Sadly that doesn't happen. 

When we came to his office with two sick kiddos I was pretty bummed. I left feeling great just because he offered very manageable solutions. At his advice we stopped giving baby E her honey cough syrups and her fever immediately subsided. Turns out we were feeding the virus with sugar. That's something I knew about, but it completely slipped my mind when I was sick as well. Honey is good for cough and a sore throat, but not for fever.

Try every natural method: Although I am pretty well versed on natural remedies, he always suggests something new that I haven't heard of before - immediately explaining why and how it works. Medications and hospitals are truly the last resort for acute problems that cannot be solved any other way. 

He is passionate about making patients well: You know those doctors, the ones who just don't seem to care? Ours is an exception. We've never left his office feeling like we're pushed off the production line. His passion for wellness is a little contagious, and he loves to share it with patients. 

Self-education: On our last visit he shared something with us, while I was nursing our infant he called my husband aside and showed him some compelling information and charts on the ineffectiveness of vaccines. I mean, what doctor does that? I'm thankful he is learning and willing to share what he learns. I always learn something new at his office.

He takes phone calls: This is so important for kids! Most doctors will not get on the phone for a consultation for two reasons. One is they don't get paid for it, two is they aren't capable of giving a diagnosis without seeing you in person. Our doctor is pretty amazing at knowing exactly what you need without actually seeing you and he doesn't mind spending a few minutes on the phone with you even though he gets nothing in return. This is huge for us with little kids and a 45 minute drive to his office.  

Seriously, if you're still coping with the pitfalls of conventional, pharma driven doctors - you're missing out big time. There are so many natural, side effect free ways to treat even so called 'chronic conditions' and especially short term illnesses. 


  1. How did you go about finding a holistic family doctor?

  2. Katie, it was through family/friends. He doesn't accept just any patient, usually by recommendation and he cannot accept any vaccinated kids at all (liability, he has to either vaccinate all or none).

  3. It's important that you like and trust your doctor!

  4. People should be taken to medical centers only if they need surgery or an extensive care unit. Almost all other proper take care of the seriously ill — nursing,lab testing, medication remedies, image studies — should be provided in the home and be monitored by personal health professionals who know their people well and are always available.

  5. I am totally going to talk to my daughter about this info, she is a brand new mommy to a 6 day old daughter, mommy to an almost 2 yr. old daughter and step mom to a 5 yr. old daughter and almost 7 yr. old son....thank you for sharing your views about this!

  6. This is great info to share! I took this review when i was getting my biology degree in college. i am expecting soon. Ifindthe easiest way to find a doctor such is this is through family and friends who share your views but if not to look for a DO. However, its sad that many DOs are straying from their philosphy to please the common person!

  7. Its amazing that a doctor would suggest vaccines were ineffective. I guess if a doctor says so then it is worth looking into


  8. How can u learn to trust your doctor?

    1. I take all doctors' advice with a grain of salt. They aren't God, they don't know everything, they can be helpful at times. I'm glad I found one I can trust, for the most part ;)


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