Thursday, August 5, 2010

You Have No Right To Real Food

According to our government, we have no right to choose what we eat. You read that right. The FDA thinks that it can ban any food it deems 'unsafe' without any actual proof. They will ban raw milk if they want, even though according to 2007 statistics nobody died from consuming it, yet three people died from drinking pasteurized milk! Apparently they are really bad at math. Even my 18 month old can tell the difference between 0 and 3.

Why isn't the FDA concerned that most meat sold in supermarkets comes from sick cattle with various diseases? Why don't they ban that? Why aren't they concerned with the irresponsible use of pesticides that is making people sick? Oh wait, I forgot, they work with the corporations that make and sell those pesticides! They are supported by those corporations. Let me guess, the people that work for the FDA probably buy everything organic. They can afford to after all, they get a nice paycheck. But the rest of us need to stick with our budgets, keep our heads low, and eat... chemicals? No thank you.

I wish the FDA would pay the same amount of attention to factory farmed foods as they do to their competition that's gaining popularity - small local farmers. So now because people occasionally get sick from real natural food, we'll be forced to eat food that we know is garbage? Give me a break, the FDA never was, is not, and never will be for the people.

Which cows would you rather drink milk from? The ones on the top or the ones on the bottom? Should be an easy choice, right?


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