Sunday, May 25, 2014

Toxin-Free Alternatives to Antibacterial Triclosan Soap

I'm glad I've learned about this years ago and now finally this knowledge is slowly becoming mainstream. If you use conventional soap and toothpaste, it very likely contains triclosan -  a chemical that kills bacteria but has structural similarity to thyroid hormones, thus having the ability to alter growth and development in wildlife and humans. 

Of course as with thousands of other unregulated chemicals on the market, we simply don't know what the impact on humans will be in the long run. It often takes years for research to come around. Meanwhile, we don't really need proof when it's already apparent that the environmental toxic assault on the human body is far greater than it ever was (think GMOs, vaccines, pesticides, geoengineering, and chemicals in all items we use every day). Little by little, it pays to switch to natural products for the sake of your family's long term health. 

So if half the soap aisle in your local store is filled with toxic triclosan, and the other half with other unwholesome chemicals you don't want your family's skin absorbing - what's a mom to do?! Thankfully there are many alternatives! You're not the first to be looking for safe skin care products and there are a lot more options today than say 10 years ago. Well, 200 years ago all the options were natural and without man-made chemicals!

Here are ten options we've found that will leave your little ones clean - but without unneeded toxins, all of these rated 0 to 2 on Skin Deep Database:

CleanWell  |  This brand creates an array of botanically based soaps and sanitizers without harmful chemicals, based on a natural thyme oil formula that disinfects without harsh man-made additives.

River Valley Soap  |  A great Etsy find of natural certified organic soaps in a variety of essential oil fragrances such as citrus lavender, lemongrass tea, oatmeal spice, and peppermint leaf.

Dr. Bronner's Magic Pure Organic Citrus Orange  |  Long name, short and sweet ingredients list. Plus a great price for the amount you're getting. Organic, nourishing, moisturizing ingredients for gentle cleansing.

Hugo Naturals Foaming Hand Soap, Vanilla and Sweet Orange  |  Looking for something extra yummy? You might need to convince your kids not to eat it! Pure ingredients with botanical extracts.

The Clean Soap Co.  |  Some great bar soap made in South Carolina out of pure, local ingredients and irresistible scents like cucumber aloe melon,  peppermint fields, sandalwood, and pear & redwood tres leches.

Deep Steep Foaming Handwash, Grapefruit Bergamot  |  Luxurious cleanser without chemical preservatives, organic extracts leave skin feeling soft and smooth; pleasant, non-lingering scent.

Soap for Your Soul  |  A huge variety of handmade vegan soap made in small batches. Some of it looks more like artwork! How about some passionfruit guava, mandarin mimosa, or herbal vanilla?

Aubrey Organics Nourishing Sea Buckthorn Bath Bar  |  Sea buckthorn oil is antioxidant-rich, cleaning gently, protects skin, long-lasting, pleasant light smell, vegan, and great for those with very sensitive skin.

Desert Essence Tea Tree Liquid Castile Soap  |  Made with organic tea tree oil, this vegan cleanser has many uses besides washing hands. Works great with a foam pump!

Out of Africa Organic Shea Butter Hand Wash  |  A moisturizing hand soap without parabens, every purchase also helps provide medical care and education to children in West Africa. Available in lemon verbena or lavender scent.

Add your favorite non-toxic, triclosan-free soap in the comments below! 

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  1. My favorite handsoap is ecos lemongrass. My hand feel great and soft after using it. I just started using their laundry soap and its a money saver. http://www.ecos.com/handsoap.html#spec

    1. Thanks for chiming in! That looks like a good one too, though I can't find it in the EWG skin deep database. I like that they disclose all ingredients! :)

  2. Thanks for posting this list! It can seem daunting to switch your whole lifestyle to toxin-free products but great resources like this make taking small steps a little easier! Can't wait to try some of these.

    1. Thank you Kel, glad you found it helpful! :)

  3. Ava Aderson Non Toxic is also a great company! Products ranked between 0-1 on EWG database, and ALL ingredients disclosed and info readily available!

    1. Thanks for chiming in! That looks like a great brand, never heard of it - so thank you for sharing!


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