Friday, October 9, 2009

BPA in Receipts?!?!

This is just getting out of control. Everyday somebody finds something toxic in yet another common item from our daily lives. This time it is those pesky receipts that seem to accumulate everywhere. In the house, in my purse, in the car... The culprit - the famous Bisphenol A, making headlines all too often in the past year.

Science News discusses how receipts now use carbon-less copy paper and rely on BPA to print text in color. The big concern is that unlike polycarbonate bottles, the exposure here is a lot more significant. Not bound into a polymer, the molecules of BPA are loose and transferred by simply touching the surface of the receipt. So next time you get that piece of paper at the register make sure you are wearing rubber gloves don't let your kids touch it and you don't put it in your purse or wallet. Oh, and please, wash your hands. You should be doing that anyway with the flu going around...

Sadly, this is unpublished research by John C. Warner, it would take years to get peer reviewed scientific articles to prove this worthy of attention. Not to mention the funding necessary for such an endeavor. Hm, maybe EWG would be up for the challenge?


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