Monday, September 3, 2012

The New Fluoride Action Network 2.0

Did you see it? It's pretty neat I think. The newly redesigned Fluoride Action Network website is looking good and is so much more user and parent friendly now. A toxic drug does not belong in our water or our children, I think that we can all agree on.  

Wait, are you new here? You may have missed our article, "Fluoride: What Every Mom Should Know". That may give some clues as to why we're talking about fluoride here. Do you know if your city/town water is fluoridated? It is critical for you to know. The following excerpts will let you know why:

"The medical establishment has, of course, been wrong before. It was wrong about the safety of adding lead to gasoline, wrong about the safety of prescribing DES to pregnant women, wrong about the safety of asbestos, et cetera. And so too was it wrong about fluoride. In 2012, this statement should not be controversial. Adding fluoride to water supplies was, after all, based on the premise that children need to swallow fluoride to reap its benefit. We now know, however, that this is false. Fluoride’s primary benefit comes from topical contact with the teeth, not from ingestion. Further, despite claims in the 1950s and ’60s that fluoride was a nutrient, we now know this to be false as well. There is no need, therefore, to swallow fluoride for any reason. Had we known this in the 1950s, would water fluoridation have ever begun? Is that possibility even conceivable? Should a compound that does not treat the water, that does not need to be swallowed, that dental researchers now specifically warn not to give to infants, and that is readily available for individual use in the form of toothpaste, ever be added to the public’s water?"
You may have a lot of questions about fluoride, most of them will be answered HERE. If you're wondering what makes fluoride different from other water treatment chemicals, where the fluoride added to water comes from, or what are the risks from swallowing fluoride, you must read these. 

Some important facts:
  • Fluoridation does not treat water itself, but the person consuming it. 
  • Fluoride is a drug, not a nutrient.
  • The fluoride added to public drinking water is not pharmaceutical grade, it is an unprocessed, industrial by-product and most times also contain arsenic and lead.
  • Laboratory studies indicate that fluoride is a mutagen, a chemical that can cause genetic damage.
As you can see, it isn't something to mess with. I am really surprised that we, the citizens of the Unites States are in the dark about this matter and allow this to continue. It's mind boggling how our government can get away with this.

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  1. Great informational website. Scary to think what else is floating around in our water supply.

    1. Yeah, I try not to think about that. (and hope that our water filter at least removes some of the nasty stuff)

  2. Thank God for good old country water. Thanks for sharing. Very informative.

  3. I don't understand how or why this can continue?!

  4. This is scary, I don't even want to imagine how much I've been exposed to over the years.


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