Tuesday, September 4, 2012

A Labor Day of Our Own...

It seems so long ago, yet so fresh in my mind - those days of birthing our babies! I still haven't written Baby E's birth story, but Baby T's is here for you to read. Both experiences seems a bit surreal. Almost as if I am not the same person that gave birth to these babies. Women are amazing! How can we even do this? Enduring so much pain. Experiencing such overwhelming joy :)

If I would describe the two births in three words each, it would be like this:

Baby girl E: Unknown. Perseverance. Surrender.

Baby boy T: Peaceful. Pleasant. Familiar.

What words describe your labor experience(s)?


  1. Well I haven't given birth yet, I'll get back to you in just 2 weeks! but i just wanted to comment to say i agree with you that women are amazing! To be able to give birth to another human being and experience all the pain, frustration, joy, peace and everything that you feel at once and still be sane to be able to take care of this human beings is amazing! :) I love the words that you used to described your births. I hope mine goes something like: unknown, calming, didn't give up


  2. In giving birth to six babies I've had a variety of experiences ranging from- completely out of my control vaginal birth, c-section, empowering painful HVBAC, complete absence of pain stillbirth, nightmare deja vu c-section and finally a reluctantly scheduled c-section. Women are amazing and somehow we survive all this. I'd describe my last birth as: FEAR, relief, pain, dealing with it and loving my new baby girl.

    1. Wow, you've been through a lot! It is amazing what women go through!


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