Friday, January 20, 2012

MIA: Flu, Viruses, and Other Pretty Things

The three of us outside today, for the first time in more than a week (baby in wrap under my coat), first real snow of the season, below zero.

So I got a break from blogging, but not in the way I wanted. We haven't been so sick in a very long time. A great reminder of how mortal we are... We're finally getting over this virus/flu thing, whatever it was. Fever for four days for my toddler, non-stop. One of those days she cried and whined from the moment she woke up to the moment she went to bed. Now that was a trying day. With the two month old in my arms, with a fever as well, I tried to comfort baby E. 

She just wanted me to hold her.

Somehow I think she had it the worst because she really misses the time it was just the two of us at home all day. Playing hide-and-seek, building forts, making cookies. As much as I try to devote some time to her alone, it's nearly impossible with so many diaper changes, nursing sessions, and holding-infant-crying-for-no-reason moments. Never mind that I had a fever as well, no sick days here. Being sick wasn't half as painful as watching my little ones suffer!


  1. Hello, Ana B.

      Even more severe in winter, but.
      Your work is embraced in your gentleness.

      Thank you for the warmth of your heart.

      The prayer for all peace.
    Have a good weekend. From Japan ruma ❃

  2. We're just getting over low grade fevers, colds and an ear infection. It's the first time we've been sick since Baby Girl was born. My 3yo was absolutely miserable, Mommy didn't have the ability to fawn on her exclusively since her little sister also needed comfort. Juggling sick kiddos while you're feeling miserable yourself isn't fun, but mothering wouldn't be mothering without the bad mixed with the good.

  3. Me and my husband just got sick because of flu virus too! But, thank God my little one is not being affected. Stay healthy!

  4. We had to buy our first in-ear thermometer this cold season...yech.

  5. So glad you all are feeling better!

  6. I hadn't of thought of being sick while also having 2 children. It sounds terrible! Best wishes for the upcoming winter season.

  7. I remember those days. Bless you for pushing through. It sure makes you appreciate when you are healthy though.


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