Saturday, January 14, 2012

2012 in 2012: Week 2

So how is it going? 

What have we gotten rid of so far in 2012?

One of the things that I haven't gotten around to is getting rid of old open bottles of shampoo/conditioner that we no longer use. They are either toxic ones we no longer use, something natural that 'spoiled' because it has no preservatives/chemicals in it, or simply something that didn't work for my hair (in which case I should give it to someone else to try). I have even more personal care items like this that need to be tossed, they are just old and taking up space. So you'll see a lot of these on my list in the coming weeks. Do you have anything like that laying around that you should get rid of? Old  makeup, deodorant, fragrances, etc... Oh, and the plant... I have yet to keep one that doesn't die in my home, I forget to water them. I prefer cacti. :)

I better start throwing out more stuff each week if I want to get to my goal!

Moving on:

1 potted plant (died, trash)
1 old office chair (donated)
5 glass bottles (donated to canning obsessed person)
4 old shampoo/conditioner bottles (trash)

Total = 16 of 2012
YTD: made $50

Image: Amy Burton


  1. One item at a time... this motivates me. Even the little things count.

  2. Loving this. And yes! I have so many old cosmetics, perfume, shampoo, lotions taking up all our under the bathroom sin space! Must can them soon!

  3. I love getting rid of things, lol. I am the complete opposite of a hoarder. I need to head in to our office and storage room and start spring cleaning early.

  4. I just went through the medicine cabinet above the sink...talk about expired products!

  5. 3 old shampoo bottles (trash)
    1 bottle body wash (trash)
    1 bottle baby shampoo (trash)


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