Wednesday, May 19, 2010

New Research: A Link Between Pesticides and ADHD

More reasons to eat organic, as if there aren't enough already. I think most people do not realize how much pesticide exposure they get by eating non-organic produce and feeding it to their children. At the same time thinking that they are eating healthy fruits and veggies. Since there are no long term studies on the effects of pesticides, we will be finding out the horrific effects in the coming years. As if the drastic rise in childhood diseases isn't proof enough that there is an environmental epidemic. 

The U.S. health data study measured organophosphates and found that 94% of children had them in their urine. The kids with higher levels had increased chances of having ADD or ADHD. While there needs to be more research done to make concrete conclusions, it is a step in the right direction - and enough to convince many parents to keep their children healthier with organic produce. A different study from 2008 by Emory University actually found that children who switched to organically grown fruits and vegetables had their levels of pesticide compounds drop to undetectable or close to undetectable levels. So keep your Dirty Dozen list handy, or better yet - buy everything organic.


  1. totally agree! We are an organic eating family (well couple for now) and we intend on continueing to eat only organic. I feel much better since we started and its probably because of some link to the pesticides. Very cool post, its nice to know that people out there care about this stuff too!

  2. my cheapo husband is not going to like this evidence, but i'm so glad i have more evidence on my side. i want to eat all organic. thanks for the help in my campaign!

  3. They also did a study, that aluminum is one of the causes for ADD. They had kids from a regular school drink capri sun only.. since the packages are made out of aluminum, they wanted to see if any side affects would come out of it and it did. By the end of 1 week, all kids that drink capri-sun were 'diagnosed' with ADD. All of them. And than parents put their kids on the drugs to treat this ADD? how about eliminating the source???


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