Friday, November 4, 2011

Greener and Healthier School Lunches

I do not have kids in school, but I can only imagine how tough it can be do provide a healthy lunch for your kids every day and keep smiling while you're at it. It has to be portable, but let's not focus on that. A healthy lunch is more than just healthier foods, it can be as much about what you don't put there as it is about what you do include.

I've been brainstorming some general tips and ideas for healthier, and greener lunches over at Today's Mama. I would love to know what tips you have to add, after all - if you have kids in school you're more experienced than I am. Take a look!


  1. My son won't even eat school lunches besides pizza on friday. No matter what i put in his lunch he is still picky. Considering that he won't eat any cooked veggies he will eat them raw with ranch which is even better. Most of the fruits, picky on yogurts and granolas, sometimes he will bring it all home makes me think what he ate.

  2. I can identify with you on this as I don't have kids in school yet either. I do see these pretty and colorful looking food in fun containers etc. I'm also guessing I'll be doing a "reward" he'd get his daily "treat" only if he ate his meals. Most things are easier said than done though, we'll see how it'll go in 4 years from now when he's ready for school ;)

  3. Good ideas for my work lunch!


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