Thursday, November 3, 2011

Baby Brezza Baby Food Maker Review

I loved making my own baby food for baby E when she started solids. Sure it was a little extra work, but she ate a lot of what we ate - only in mashed form. I always wanted to try a one-step baby food maker to see how much time it would save. Of course there is nothing better than fresh for the baby, packaged baby food - even organic, isn't exactly fresh or the healthiest option. Only baby food made in your kitchen will have the biggest nutritional benefits - so important today when most produce is much lower in vitamins and nutrients than it was decades ago. 

Baby Brezza isn't just great for infants, toddlers will love to skip the chewing part! My toddler is a really lousy chewer, she doesn't nearly chew her food thoroughly enough. To get the most nutrition into your toddler, it helps to have a little kitchen helper such as the Baby Brezza. It's easy enough for my toddler to use (with me present of course). I love that I can steam and blend, or blend only - some veggies are just better fresh rather than steamed. I can pick the consistency of the blend and make it a little chunkier for my toddler. It is perfect to have on the go, I just use some reusable containers. 

When our next baby comes along (any minute now), I'm excited to have the Baby Brezza to save me time. With a toddler to take care of, you know there is no such thing as 'free time'. It's great to just be able to toss something in, press a button, and be done with it. That's the same reason why I love my bread maker so much! I am actually really liking the results myself, I don't think this is just for infants and toddlers - I'll eat baby E's blended veggies and fruits any day!

The Baby Brezza is really easy to wash and very low maintenance. There are only four dishwasher-safe parts, though I wash everything by hand. They carry a lot of really convenient containers to store the baby food you make, I received the Octo Storage System. It is perfect for little servings of baby food and it can be defrosted or reheated right in the Baby Brezza. Each little container even has a day of the week dial so you know when you made it. If you're looking more for something to use to blend your adult meals for an infant starting solids, you may want to try the Baby Brezza Quick Blend. I know many parents prefer to just start the baby on healthy food the family is eating on a daily basis anyway instead of making something separate.

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Disclaimer: I was provided a sample of the product for review purposes. The opinions are solely my own and your experience may differ.

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  1. I always wondered if these were good for making just a little bit of food because my regular blender does a fantastic job pureeing my baby's, however I always have to make a lot of it, if I put just a few pieces of chopped food in there it won't puree it properly.
    Thanks for the review!!!!


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