Saturday, March 31, 2012

FDA Denies Request to Ban BPA in Food Packaging

Bisphenol A is making headlines again. Why am I not surprised that the FDA is ignoring scientific evidence of the harm of BPA? This agency has long forgotten what it means to protect us and our children. Oh, I think they actually never did that in the first place - that's another story. As if it isn't enough that BPA is in many of the plastic things your baby eats out of and plays with, it is in so much of the processed food packaging. More reasons to buy fresh, real food.

Of course, the ban would hurt the profits of Silgan Holdings Inc., a huge $60 billion dollar industry. Why, of course that is more important than consumer health, sheesh, why even bother? [sarcasm]

In case you didn't know, BPA is produced by combining phenol and acetone, it mimics the female hormone estrogen and may affect the brain and prostate gland in fetuses and young children (according to the NRDC). I will have to agree with Jane Houlihan of the EWG that "The agency has veered dangerously off course. Pregnant women and new parents should no longer think FDA has their backs." Not that I thought is even did in the first place.

I'm not a big user of canned food. When I do buy cans I try to buy BPA free canned food. But even that doesn't guarantee safety considering the BPA label cannot be trusted.

Here are some tips from the EWG on steering clear of BPA. My tip? Buy real food. [note to self!]

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  1. That's a real shame. Government set up to protect us yet it only cares about money. I think consumers need to start smell and hit individual brands with requests for BPA free packaging.

  2. It would be so much fun to take action into our own hands, but its very easy to get into jail for that so all we can do is talk about it and hope for a change.
    Let’s Occupy Our Food Supply By Labeling GMOs
    Read more: http://www.care2.com/causes/f27-lets-occupy-our-food-supply-by-labeling-gmos.html#ixzz1qqG6Whht

  3. I never knew that BPA caused so many issues but every since I joined you I have been reading so much more. Thank you for making me so aware.

  4. Thank you for this post. I'm going to be a first time mommy in just 3 weeks and although i already knew that bpa wasn't good for babies or anyone i had no idea what it really was and that canned foods could have it too. I will definitely take your tip to heart and choose real/natural food and i'll be careful on believing those deceiving labels!.


  5. This is so frustrating! And while avoiding canned foods in favor of real foods is the ideal solution, many families are relying on WIC and food banks for their foods. They have no choice but to eat the food they're given, most of which is highly processed, full of GMOs and preservatives, and packaged in BPA-lined cans.

  6. I never really knew what BPA was, but only really knew that it was bad. Thanks for the explanation! Also, shame on the FDA. I never really trusted them either though.


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