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Can Dandelion Tea Kill Cancer Cells?

I think most of us know someone who was taking too early by cancer. As a mother, it may have crossed your mind "What if it happened to me? What would happen to my kids?" I've thought about it and given our family views on health, I would really want to avoid the conventional medicine route. Today I've read something that astounded me and thought I had to share it with my readers! 

There is a time and place for modern medicine, it does save lives. When it comes to cancer though, I think it is pretty obvious that the current treatments not only kill cancer cells, but they kill everything else in the body and essentially destroy the immune system. You don't have to be a doctor to know that, it's common knowledge. Some people will survive radiation treatments and some will not, that's a fact. It's even speculated that chemo will cause cancer and make it more malignant. 

I can only imagine how devastating it is to be given the cancer diagnosis, especially as a mother. Such agony, hopelessness, it can bring down even the most optimistic of people. We got quite a scare when my father had a tumor in his lungs, it turned out to be benign. So when I read today about the possibility of dandelion root tea killing cancer cells, I couldn't keep it to myself. Can you imagine? The root of the weed in nearly every backyard capable of healing one of the most ravenous diseases know to man?

Siyaram Pandey is a biochemist at the University of Windsor and has been studying the potential cancer fighting properties of dandelion tea for nearly two years. Hey, I would be pretty excited if I discovered that something simple and cheap actually killed cancer cells without damaging the non-cancerous ones!

“To be honest I was very pessimistic,” Pandey said in a statement. “She said it could be coincidental but it couldn’t hurt to see if there is anything.”

She told CBC News in February that taking dandelion extract tea could interfere with regular chemotherapy, and she urged patients not to mix the natural remedy with other cancer drugs without speaking to a doctor first.

They tested the formula on several lines of commercially available leukemia cells and much to their surprise, found that the formula caused those cells to kill themselves, a process called apoptosis. 
“It was startling, but it was not that startling until we saw that it was non-toxic to the normal cells,” he said.

The anecdotal evidence also stacks up. A 72 year old gentleman named John DiCarlo was admitted to the hospital with leukemia. After progressive treatment the prognosis was grim and he was sent home to take care of the last affairs with wife and four children. His cancer clinic suggested he try the tea. He returned to the clinic four months later in remission and has been cancer free for four years now. I don't know about you, but I think that's pretty incredible! 

If you are underweight, you do have to be careful with dandelion root tea because it does promote weight loss and cleanses the liver. So that's good news for anyone trying to loose some weight! Dandelion tea just might be something to add to a regular detox regimen and a must try for anyone battling cancer.

The sad thing is, it's unlikely something like this would become common knowledge as it doesn't make money for the medical establishment. Alternative treatments are shunned, even if it means a chance at life. Just like the fact that breast milk kills cancers cells. My voice is small, but I'm here to spread the word in hopes it would help someone!

Do you know any cancer victims or survivors?

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