Friday, November 6, 2009

EWG Tests Cleaning Products

We often wonder just how bad household cleaners are for children's health. Can they be that bad? Do they really help cause asthma? A little can't hurt, right? Well, EWG gives you a pretty good idea of the answers to those questions and just how much household cleaners affect the air we breathe.

EWG tested over 20 cleaners used in California schools and found that they released over 457 chemicals - many not listed by the manufacturer. You'll find that Febreeze contains acetaldehyde, which is on the California's Prop 65 List for cancer and reproductive toxicity. You'll also find that Comet contains formaldehyde and seven cancer causing ingredients from that same list. Reason enough to get rid of it now!

It is perfectly legal for manufacturers to hide the ingredients in their toxic potions. If we have the right to know what is in our food and skin care products we need to demand to know what is in cleaning products as well. We breathe this stuff and eat off of surfaces treated with these potions. The least you can do is buy non-toxic cleaners and protect your family's health, but we should take action as well to demand responsibility from ruthless companies.

To make maters worse, children are especially sensitive to toxic chemicals. Our government does not protect them. Many states have their own legislation for safe cleaning products in schools, but
things need to change on the federal level.

These toxic chemicals are used to clean your kids' schools across the country.
Do you see something wrong with that?


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