Thursday, November 5, 2009

Exclusive Discount Codes

Don't forget that my Eco-Babyz readers get exclusive discounts at select online stores! I know the name is similar, but those are two different stores and they are not in any way related. Check them out!

Sprout Baby offers a great selection of non-toxic baby products, cloth diapers, eating utensils, organic baby food, and more.
15% off first order anytime at Sprout Baby: SB002197

Sprout Soup is a natural baby boutique that offers cloth diapers as well, furniture, toys, and baby carriers.
15% off at Sprout Soup: EcoBabyz
(Excludes Ergo Baby Carriers, Beco Baby Carriers, BumGenius Diapers and Gro Baby Diapers, ends November 10!)


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