Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Chunks of Energy Review

So I am in the market for healthier snacks and sweets. Lets face it, I just can't eliminate them entirely from my diet. With a baby in the house I live off of snacks. I like to buy organic whenever possible. I am into vegan, but that didn't happen by choice - I grew to like a lot of vegan food when my infant was diagnosed with a milk protein allergy. I am also dabbling in raw foods even though I know I would never go full blown raw, I just know that food is much more nutrient rich if consumed raw.

I stumbled upon Chunks of Energy on Twitter and decided to give it a try. They were kind enough to send me four pieces (total) of three different flavors, not a whole lot - but enough for me to know how delicious this stuff is. I tried the Organic Carob SuperGreens, Chocolate Almond Chip, and Organic Raw Cacao. Oh and for me these really rock because they are made right here in Massachusetts.

Taste: Let me tell you, this is yummy! By taste and texture I would say it is a cross between an energy bar (like a PowerBar) and dark chocolate candy. You see though, I despise most energy bars, they just taste so fake and intensely sweet to me. Chunks of Energy are different, it is not the same kind of sweet. Maybe that is because they are sweetened with things like dates, agave, and honey. I would still need a drink with these, but to me they are edible, regular power bars are not. I wasn't a fan of Organic Carob SuperGreens, so that one was ok - you have to like carob to like it. Chocolate Almond Chip was really delicious with a nice balanced taste of almonds and chocolate. Organic Raw Cacao though was a hit for my taste buds! Soooooo goooooood! The raw cacao has a sweet/bitter taste, just the way I like my chocolate.

First of all, raw is always better [insert documentation here to support such a lofty statement]. Some of the ingredients you will find in Chunks of Energy are as follows (all organic): brown rice, alfalfa sprouts, oat grass, barley grass, wheat grass, dulse, spinach, kale, parsley, broccoli, kamut sprouts, cilantro, beets, spirulina, etc.

Value: These run about $5.50 to $5.90 per pound. Definitely beats your average packaged energy bar. They are very convenient to eat too, you can have just one or two pieces instead of downing en entire bar. Built in portion control! You can buy them in 5 (about 110 chunks) and 10 (about 220 chunks) pound bags. Each chunk is about 1" square.

How to eat it: I thought of several scenarios of how I would eat Chunks of Energy. This is the perfect mid-day slump pick-me-up. Right around 3 pm (if you work first shift) you often feel as though 5 pm will never roll around and the munchies kick in. Instead of an unhealthy Twix or Milky Way, reach for some Chunks of Energy for a healthy treat that will help you last until dinner.

As a busy mom, these are great for me in all the in-between moments when I don't have time to eat a meal right away but need energy. I would take it on walks, car rides, playgrounds, and play dates. I also thought this is a great candy substitute for older kids! Imagine packing all that nutrition into them, they don't need to know there is broccoli and sprouts in there! Though I am an advocate for teaching kids to like to eat that kind of stuff.



I did not receive payment in any form for this review.

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  1. Nice replacements of sweets and chocolates

  2. I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE chunks of energy! My absolute favs are Lemon Pop and Chocolate Paradise!
    If you like a subtle date flavor and texture with a hint of lemon and lime then you will love the Lemon Pop -- and I like that they are somewhat softer in texture than the other "chunks".
    The Chocolate Paradise is plentiful in chocolate chips but is not too sweet. They will definitely help break a bad chocolate habit.
    I've tried a few other flavors and so far I have liked them all and they all are different in flavor -- I like that too. =)


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