Tuesday, March 15, 2011

GIE #30: My Idea of 'Supermom'

What is a supermom? Who is she? There may be one image that society has created - the mom who holds a full time job, volunteers at the school, feeds her family all meals from scratch, attends her kids' sports events, has a very busy schedule, and has a spotlessly clean house. Yes, that mom that always seems to have everything done. Perhaps 'seems' is the key word here.

Well, I never wanted to be that mom since my idea of a supermom is entirely different. In fact, supermom may be the wrong word to use.

To me, a supermom is not the one who has a spotless house, but the one makes one on one time with her kids and babies despite the house not being perfectly clean.

To me, a supermom's quality time with her children involves no electronic gadgets, just her full attention.

To me, a supermom is not the mom with the biggest income, but the mom who learns to live with little so that she can spend more time with her family.

To me, a supermom is not the one with the latest wardrobe, but the one wearing humility, love, hope, and faith.

To me, a supermom does not put her children in extracurricular classes five days a week, instead she teaches them much more important skills and characteristics right in her home by being the example.

To me, a supermom is the one playing with the kids, not just standing on the sidelines.

To me, a supermom is not the one with the latest plastic surgery, but the one comfortable with her body and nourishing it well.

To me, a supermom is not the one who schedules her family for every minute of the day, but the one who lets her family just be.

To me, a supermom is not defined by what she does, but who she is. She is comfortable with silence, peace, and a 'to do' list that may never be done.

To me, a supermom does not make decisions on behalf of her children according to societal norms, but she educates herself to make the best decision for her own family.

To me, a supermom is her children's favorite teacher.

To me, a supermom puts the needs of her children first and grows out of her selfishness.

To me, a supermom has flaws that she openly admits to her husband and close friends, not the one that flaunts her 'perfection'.

To me, a supermom is not the one religiously attending every Sunday church service, but the one that makes her family and home a sanctuary and a pleasant aroma to God.

To me, a supermom is not the one who depends on herself for everything, but puts her trust in Jesus and gives her worries over to Him.

What is a superMOM to you?

This post #30 officially concludes our Glimpse into Eco-Babyz Series! Not that you will not see more posts about how we do things around here. We know that many of you like to see how and what other moms do and think, we may be alike in more ways than you know. Thanks for reading our series and if you've missed any, here they all are:


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