Tuesday, February 22, 2011

GIE #27: Perfect? Not even close...

If you've been reading my blog for a while, you just may have the impression that I am a perfect mom who lives in a perfect house with a perfect husband and perfect baby. Oh, and that I'm perfectly green and eat raw broccoli every day. I'm going to make sure this myth is dispelled.

Yes, I baked six days out of seven last week. Oatmeal raisin cookies, bread, banana nut bread, Ricotta pastries, Ricotta cake, and more bread. Supermom? Not even close. Meanwhile you know what was happening? Piles of undone laundry, a baby that I haven't read with in several days, and enough dust bunnies to share with all my neighbors. See, if I just made a post about how great it is to bake for 6 days out of the week - you would think I'm a perfect mom. But that's not what I want to post about. Here are some of the things that are not at all perfect right now:
  • Perfect House: Let's start with the house. Here is what my bedroom ceiling looks like now as a result of ice dams:

    We pay for landscaping as part of the condo fee, yet our front yard has no lawn, or even grass, no bushes, nothing, just mulch once a year. Our floor squeaks when the neighbors are walking, not to mention us. Our toddler currently doesn't have her own room, not that I mind much. Her room is our office. The office can't move until the attic is done. The attic can't be done until we have money. Oh yes, and when the wind blows outside, you can feel it when you put your palm on the window trim in our bedroom. I'm thankful to at least have a roof over our heads - even a leaky one!

  • Perfectly Clean: My hamper hasn't been completely empty in several months. I just can't ever get to doing all of it. Our vacuum cleaner doesn't really work, which gives me a great excuse for dirty carpets. The green plant my mother-in-law gave us to keep the air clean? Dead. Oh by the way, remember the meal plans? Haven't made one in months. If you would look in my trash you would also lately find one too many recyclable containers that I was too lazy to wash. You know what's in my attic? Boxes of stuff we haven't used or unpacked since we moved three and a half years ago. Yeah.

  • Perfect Baby: You know that 'perfect' baby of mine? Do you think she just sits there reads books and plays the piano all day? No, she experiments with how sugar will sound under the feet on the kitchen floor, how my makeup will look on her precious face, and just how many poopy diapers and wet undies it will take for mommy to say "I'm done with potty training!" She has been testing my patience a lot lately. Well, at least not bad enough for me to use the horrible 'T' phrase (terrible twos). She is lucky she's so cute.

  • Perfect Husband: I will spare you the details because I believe it is wrong to tell the world about the things that make your spouse imperfect, just the same way I wouldn't want him telling his buddies about my imperfections. Let's just say we both need to work on ourselves a bit.

  • Perfect Me: Where do I start? Why do I wait until 9 pm to clean the house instead of doing it throughout the day? Oh yeah, I forgot, I blog and I work. Which doesn't give me nearly a good enough excuse to procrastinate. I snap at my toddler a lot lately, my nerves are stretched. Then I cuddle with her and ask for forgiveness. I haven't actually printed any photos in 1.5 years, I have empty albums waiting. I don't take very good care of myself. Sometimes a shower is just too much hassle, makeup is for special occasions, and I forget to take my multi-vitamins much too often. I snack on oyster crackers and dry mangoes.
You know, I don't even want to be perfect because that's impossible (for a human at least). It is deceiving to read mom blogs (like mine) because often the impression you get is that these moms have it all together. But striving for better every day is not a bad thing. I am positive because there are many things that I do accomplish every day despite my imperfections. I've stuck with cloth diapering, I've been experimenting with baking more, and our house is actually cleaner on a daily basis than it was a year ago. Despite having typical meals that don't really impress, at least it's healthy and made from scratch. I have a toddler who loves veggies, that's enough to make me smile!

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  1. Yep! No matter how hard we try, we'll never be perfect. I work, blog and have 2 kids. It's hard getting it all done!

  2. THANK YOU! I love reading this stuff... it helps me to remember that I am not alone in the fight to keep the house running!!

    1. You're welcome! I wrote that post 2 years ago, but it's pretty much the same, it is a constant struggle just to keep on top of things! :)


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