Monday, October 31, 2011

38 Weeks: What to Pack in a Birth Bag

Well, it's actually almost 39 weeks. Can't wait to meet this little human! I should have packed my bag a couple of weeks ago, I know. Now, I can't tell you what to pack in your birth bag because it's yours. Your needs may vary greatly from mine. Considering we're only going for a 12 hour post-birth stay and we're at a bring-your-own-food birth center - this bag will look a little different. I'm secretly wishing we could have had a home birth so I wouldn't have to pack anything at all!

For me and hubby:
  • My birth gown and water birth outfit
  • Underwear, postpartum pads, nursing pads, nursing bra
  • Toothbrush, toothpaste
  • Socks, slippers
  • Robe (more like a knit sweater duster)
  • Arnica 30x (great taken before and after birth for pain)
  • Native Remedies Easiotomy Cream, AfterBirth Drops, and Nipple Conditioning Cream (reviews to follow after birth)
  • Raspberry Leaf Tea bags
  • Oatmeal Raisin Cookies (I try to always have a batch on hand)
  • Sandwiches (our own bread with butter, cheese, chicken, pickles, lettuce)
  • Snacks (homemade granola bars, raw sunflower seeds, bananas, apples)
  • Water (yes, we bring our own)
  • Birth Preferences copies (midwives already have some)
  • Cell phone with all phone numbers
  • Music 
  • Camera and charger
  • Swim trunks for hubby (just in case he wants to get in the tub with me)

For baby:
Things are a little different this time too because I have to pack a little bag for my toddler who will be staying with grandma. I wouldn't mind her being at the birth if it was at home, but at the birth center it really needs to be just hubby and I. Have I forgotten something?! Please let me know ASAP! Perhaps you have something in mind that helped you during birth?

UPDATE: Read Baby T's water birth story

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  1. Just a few short weeks away ... good luck!
    My daughter just had a home birth two weeks ago & had to pack a hospital bag, just in case! Likely it wasn't needed.

  2. thanks for the tips! i wasnt sure what to bring.. now i know!:)

  3. Thank you for posting this, some of the creams i looked it up and interested to get it.

  4. I'm at 38 weeks also!! I've had 3 already but it has been 6 years since our last one so I'm feeling a bit lost in some ways. I couldn't remember what to put in the bag lol. Thanks for the reminders!

  5. I am delivering in a hospital, but due to food allergies I also have to pack my food.

    My list:

    Birthing Ball
    Baby Clothes and Take Home Outfit
    Diaper Covers
    Biodegradable inserts ( to use in diaper covers)
    Wet bag
    My going home outfit
    Make up
    Hubby's clothes and toiletries
    Baby bath stuff
    Bottles to pump into
    Breast pump
    Baby grooming kit
    Tennis balls ( for back labor)
    Nursing pads
    baby book
    labor playlist
    copies of my birth plan

  6. Don't forget at going home outfit for yourself!

    I don't know what all your birth center has, but maybe some kind of laborade/electolyte drink?

    massage oil, hair brush, any bathing supplies for self or baby.

    I'm due in two weeks, so we're right behind you!


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