Tuesday, November 1, 2011

11 Winners! Did you win?

It's hard to keep up with all the winners when there are so many! Here are the last eleven... Thank you for entering, I really wish I could give these great prizes to everyone who enters! All winners have been notified, some of you a while ago:

Baby Hugo: entry 812 Quinn O.
TLC Woodcrafters: entry 150 Stephanie M.
Organic Family Cookbook: entry 227 Melissa H.
Juppy Walker: entry 394 Adrienne H.
Dr. Sharp: entry 232 Laurie A.
Bumbo Cover & Play Tray: entry 195 Rebecca T.
Nohi Kids: entry 334 Ps Mamae
Sprout Change Diaper: entry 239 JoAnna K.
Swoop Bags: entry 282 Liz R.
Chewbeads: entry 227 Amy C.

Be sure to enter the current three open giveaways and another new one tomorrow, Wednesday!


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