Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Dr. Sharp Fluoride-Free Toothpaste Review & Rafflecopter Giveaway

Our family has been using fluoride-free toothpaste ever since I found out I was pregnant with our first baby more than three years ago. I have a lot to say about the dangers of fluoride, if you care to read. I'm also not very fond of our toddler's dental fluorosis. As it is with toothpaste, we always need some - and I'm always willing to try new fluoride-free options that are available. We had the opportunity to review the Dr. Sharp line of dentistry care (pictured above). 

Our first tester? Two and a half year old Baby E. Well, first she proceeded to explore each box and make a mess of the package of course. Then she saw the adorable monkey on the toothpaste of her very own - that got her excited! She wasn't a fan of tooth brushing for a long time, thankfully that stage has passed. She tried the Strawberry Cream Fluoride-Free Kids Toothpaste and absolutely loved it, she reiterated to me that she really likes the flavor. Even if she likes it enough to eat it, I don't have to worry because it doesn't contain anything harmful. 

Part of the package are also the Fresh Mint and Green Tea Whitening Toothpastes. Absolutely delicious flavors, smooth consistency, and awesome ingredients. No fluoride or detergent, no synthetic colors, flavors, or alcohol. The Natural Alcohol-Free Fresh Mint Mouthwash is quite yummy as well and with safe ingredients. 

I have to say that the from a marketing and packaging perspective, Dr. Sharp products rock. I love the design, simple, eye catching, modern, and tasteful. Sort of like Boon among baby products or Bumbleride among stroller brands. As much as I love Dr. Sharp products, I don't think I would be able to buy them on a regular basis because of the price. The package of two adult toothpastes and one kids toothpaste costs $35.10. The kids toothpaste by itself costs $13. It's just not feasible for a family living on one income and barely paying the bills. If you can afford it though, this is the best you can get and I highly recommend it!

One of you will be blessed with a Family Package just like we received, 3 Toothpaste Flavors and Mouthwash of your own! A $53 retail value!

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Disclaimer: I did not receive any payment for this review. I was provided a sample of the product for review purposes. The opinions are solely my own and your experience may differ.


  1. I would like to try the Strawberry Cream Kids Toothpaste

  2. I like the green tea whitening toothpaste.


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