Friday, September 16, 2011

Welcome Baby: Baby Hugo Naturals Skin Care Review & Rafflecopter Giveaway {CLOSED}

I received a surprise package at my door the other day. The new line of Baby Hugo Naturals skin care products! First thing I do, of course, is [wonder where this came from and] read the ingredients of course. I was pleasantly surprised that this line of baby skin care didn't just call itself 'natural', but actually was. The package contained Shampoo and Baby Wash, Foaming Milk Bath, Baby Mist, Baby Powder, Diaper Cream, Handcrafted Soap, Baby Oil and Oh-so-soft Lotion. 

We have plenty of testers in this house even before the baby arrives. I love trying baby products on myself actually! I have very sensitive skin and I always find that natural and organic baby skin care items work much better for me than the adult ones. The Hugo Naturals products are free of artificial fragrances, colors, parabens, petroleum products, animal fats, and alcohols. 

My toddler's favorite in the package? The pleasantly scented Lavender & Chamomile Baby Mist. I told her that it is for making baby sleepy and she insisted to put it on her before bed. Now it's a nightly ritual! We brush our teeth, spray the mist, read a book, and doze off. I love how it smells, it isn't very strong at all, I almost wish the scent was a little more prominent. But for a newborn it would be perfect. Baby E has also sprayed it all over her Obasan organic toddler pillow!

We haven't tried all the products yet, but I can tell we will love them because of the superb quality ingredients and lightly scented natural fragrances. You can find the Baby Hugo line at many local stores such as Whole Foods, Wegmans, Sun Harvest, Earth Fare, Rainbow Grocery, etc. You have a chance to win the entire package pictured above, valued at over $80!

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Disclaimer: I did not receive any payment for this review. I was provided a sample of the product for review purposes. The opinions are solely my own and your experience may differ.


  1. I'd try the Smoothing & Defining Conditioner (Coconut)

  2. I would like to try Grapefruit Himalayan Pink Salt Scrub

  3. I would love the vanilla and sweet orange massage oil!
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