Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Welcome Baby: Wink Ultimate Postpartum Bikini Review & Rafflecopter Giveaway {CLOSED}

Being pregnant with number two, I am not taking getting back in shape as lightly as the first time around. I admit I have it more easily than most women and I'm thankful, but after witnessing the disappearance of my abs with baby E - I want to put a little more effort into staying fit after this baby. I'm really excited to be trying the Wink Ultimate Postpartum Bikini (pictured below) after having our baby, I'll be sharing my experience with you once I give birth!

After giving birth the first time I remember tightly wrapping a sheet around my belly when I was home from the hospital. Yeah. Imagine how that looked! I couldn't exactly leave the house with my makeshift postpartum invention. It did help a little, but then was essentially useless to get my original belly back. While I'll probably never look the way I did before having babies, I think a proper postpartum garment can go a long way. All the ones I saw at stores just seemed too thin to really give any needed compression. 

The Wink brand is really an expert at this. They create medical shapewear for weightloss and even have a line of men's shapewear. The postpartum garments are made of a single or double layer of silky medical compression material. It is made of Nylon and Lycrasoft, free of latex and formaldehyde. It helps reduce lax saggy skin, the antimicrobial fabric stays clean and fresh, slims you down immediately by at least two inches, and helps loose that baby pooch in the long run. Interested in buying one? Please use our affiliate link below:

You have a chance to win the Ultimate Postpartum Bikini, valued at nearly $90! Watch for more postpartum garment giveaways from Wink on Eco-Babyz this coming November!

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Disclaimer: I was provided a sample of the product for review purposes. The opinions are solely my own and your experience may differ.


  1. I am not quite ready to wear this =)
    With my first one i never worked out and yeah i did look like popped ballon, with my second working out all the way until 7 months showed significant difference in how my stomach looked.
    Im 8 months with my third one and try at least one a week to do some work out but i noticed I'm more busier this time around and lazier to workout. But i know if i can put my mind to it i will get my stomach back in shape like it use to be =))

  2. I would like to try the tummy tucker tank


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