Thursday, September 15, 2011

Welcome Baby: Mama's Best Bamboo Nursing Bra Review

I am so looking forward to nursing again! I stopped nursing our first back in March of this year after she turned two. She grew up so fast! I miss holding a light little newborn and being as close as a mom and baby can be. The little hands playing with my hair and that priceless content gaze into my eyes... It just makes me melt! I've learned over the two years that nursing bras, while not completely necessary, make life so much easier while breastfeeding. I was looking for one that's plain and comfy to wear around the house every day and I found the Mama's Best Bamboo Nursing Bra. You know how much I love bamboo, from my towels to baby clothes!

I was sent this bra for review in the black color and I absolutely love wearing it. Not only is it comfy all through pregnancy, the convenient clasp makes it ideal for nursing anywhere you like. The fabric is soft and naturally anti-bacterial - a great thing for breastfeeding purposes! It is comfortable enough to wear at night, yet I wouldn't hesitate to wear it out either. It is higher cut than most bras and I happen to like that because when it is peeking out it looks like a plain black tank top - that's actually very helpful with some low cut tops I own. It also washes fabulously and doesn't loose it's shape. 

The Breast is Best shop carries a variety of nursing clothing, including bras. This bamboo nursing bra ($36) happens to be from their own line/brand - Mama's Best. They also make a bamboo nursing tank ($39) from the same material. 

Disclaimer: I did not receive any payment for this review. I was provided a sample of the product for review purposes. The opinions are solely my own and your experience may differ.


  1. I wish i can order bras online, but i had bad luck i only have to try it on, before making final decision. My local place have echo friendly material bras there for the same price i will check it out if i see this kind.

  2. This look very comfy. Thanks for the review.

  3. I too love Bamboo & as a soon to be 1st time mommy I am on the hunt for the perfect nursing bra, I will have to check this one out!

  4. I LOVE this bra! It is so incredibly comfortable, I can wear it during the day and sleep in it and it never bothers me. It's the first nursing bra I've owned and it's so incredibly easy to unclip and clip with one hand, truly effortless, which is SO important as a new nursing mother. I hand wash it and let it air dry, which only takes a few hours and leaves it perfect. I am a 36 DD and it provides good support. It's certainly not something I would wear for a night out, I'd want something with a but more push up support factor for that, but it's not designed for that. For what it's designed for, Barely there nursing bras are fantastic! Also extremely reasonably priced compared to many nursing bras.


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